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Compass using @import #39

lunetics opened this Issue · 5 comments

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If i got 2 compass scss file e.g.

@import "compass";
@import "compass/utilities";
@import "compass/css3/border-radius";
$font-color: #FEFEFE;
$back-color: #CCC;

and include that base scss file in:

@import "base"
body {...

the mainlayout.scss file is called in twig with the compass output filter. as soon as i change something in _base.scss, no changes will be seen cause the cache doesn't get refreshed.

So i need to manually re-save the mainlayout.scss file to actually regenerate the cache.

Is it possible to also check the "@import" files, it's quite annoying :)



I'll try to implement this soon. It is annoying ;)


Yeah that is something that needs to be supported for many different "plugins", things like RequireJS and all the CSS preprocessors would benefit from having such a concept of included-resources introduced in Assetic.


same for less files, is anyone on this ?


@phiamo No, apparently, nobody is on this.


Closing as duplicate of kriswallsmith/assetic#79

@stof stof closed this
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