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<info>Console Tool</info>

  [options] command [arguments]

  <info>--help</info> <info>-h</info> Display this help message.
  <info>--quiet</info> <info>-q</info> Do not output any message.
  <info>--verbose</info> <info>-v</info> Increase verbosity of messages.
  <info>--version</info> <info>-V</info> Display this application version.
  <info>--ansi</info> Force ANSI output.
  <info>--no-ansi</info> Disable ANSI output.
  <info>--no-interaction</info> <info>-n</info> Do not ask any interactive question.

<comment>Available commands for the "foo" namespace:</comment>
  <info>foo:bar </info> The foo:bar command
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