Latest commit 4dcfcc8 Apr 4, 2017 @nicolas-grekas nicolas-grekas Merge branch '3.2'
* 3.2:
  [DI] Autowiring and factories are incompatible with each others
  [DI] Don't use auto-registered services to populate type-candidates
  Lighten tests output by removing composer suggestions
  support nullable array or collection
  Complete the injection of the expression in all syntax errors
  CS: Remove invisible chars
  Disable resource tracking if the config component is missing
  [EventDispatcher] Remove unneded count()
  Fix tests expecting a valid date
  Avoid forcing to define the choices_as_values option when using choice_loader
  add expression text to SyntaxError
  [Console] Fix table cell styling
  [Console] Revised exception rendering
  Fix @param in PHPDoc
  [WebProfilerBundle] Normalize whitespace in exceptions passed in headers
  Disable color support detection for tests
  [Form] Improve the exceptions when trying to get the data in a PRE_SET_DATA listener and the data has not already been set
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DebugFormatterHelper.php fixes CS Aug 24, 2015
DescriptorHelper.php Merge branch '2.7' into 2.8 Dec 27, 2016
FormatterHelper.php [console] Add truncate method to FormatterHelper Jan 25, 2016
Helper.php Merge branch '3.2' Apr 4, 2017
HelperInterface.php remove api tags from code Sep 28, 2015
ProcessHelper.php Add more callable type hints Oct 5, 2015
ProgressBar.php [Console] Disallow inheritance from ProgressBar Dec 13, 2016
ProgressIndicator.php Merge branch '2.8' into 3.1 Nov 3, 2016
QuestionHelper.php minor #20885 [Console] Option to disable stty (johmue) Mar 22, 2017
SymfonyQuestionHelper.php Merge branch '2.7' into 2.8 Dec 23, 2016
Table.php Merge branch '2.8' into 3.2 Apr 4, 2017
TableSeparator.php [Console] fixed PHPDoc Jun 14, 2016
TableStyle.php Merge branch '2.7' into 2.8 Dec 27, 2016