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Filesystem Component

Filesystem provides basic utility to manipulate the file system:


use Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Filesystem;

$filesystem = new Filesystem();

$filesystem->copy($originFile, $targetFile, $override = false);

$filesystem->mkdir($dirs, $mode = 0777);

$filesystem->touch($files, $time = null, $atime = null);


$filesystem->chmod($files, $mode, $umask = 0000, $recursive = false);

$filesystem->chown($files, $user, $recursive = false);

$filesystem->chgrp($files, $group, $recursive = false);

$filesystem->rename($origin, $target);

$filesystem->symlink($originDir, $targetDir, $copyOnWindows = false);

$filesystem->makePathRelative($endPath, $startPath);

$filesystem->mirror($originDir, $targetDir, \Traversable $iterator = null, $options = array());



You can run the unit tests with the following command:

$ cd path/to/Symfony/Component/Filesystem/
$ composer.phar install --dev
$ phpunit
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