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* 2.4:
  [HttpKernel] fixed regression introduced in 2.4 in the base DataCollector class. Added more unit tests coverage for the RequestDataCollector object.
  Fixed mistake in upgrade docu
  bumped Symfony version to 2.4.0
  updated VERSION for 2.4.0-RC1
  updated CHANGELOG for 2.4.0-RC1
  Container::camelize also takes backslashes into consideration
  fixed typos
  fixed @expectedException class names
  Fix an issue when overriding Client::setServerParameters() and using the getContainer() method in it.
  fixed some typos
  fixed @expectedException class names
  Typo and better wording for german validator translation
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2 parents 05e7b72 + 72356bf commit 46881af03b48e942001e8e9450c2c4ccaeccfc8d @fabpot fabpot committed Nov 26, 2013
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  1. +1 −1 Expression/Expression.php
2 Expression/Expression.php
@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ public function isGlob()
public function getGlob()
if (self::TYPE_GLOB !== $this->value->getType()) {
- throw new \LogicException('Regex cant be transformed to glob.');
+ throw new \LogicException('Regex can\'t be transformed to glob.');
return $this->value;

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