Latest commit 2d9d737 Nov 6, 2017
nicolas-grekas Merge branch '3.4'
* 3.4:
  [HttpFoundation] refactoring: calculate when need
  [Serializer] Fix extra attributes when no group specified
  [Intl] Make intl-data tests pass and save language aliases again
  [FrameworkBundle][Config] fix: do not add resource checkers for debug=false
  [DI] Fix "almost-circular" dependencies handling
  [Console] Fix CommandTester::setInputs() docblock
  Only enabling validation if it is present
  Fix displaying errors for bootstrap 4
  [Serializer] readd default argument value
  Fix reference dump for deprecated nodes
  [PhpUnitBridge] Fixed fatal error in CoverageListener when something goes wrong in Test::setUpBeforeClass
  [HttpKernel] Let the storage manage the session starts
  [VarDumper] fix trailling comma when dumping an exception
  [Validator] Fix TraceableValidator is reset on data collector instantiation
  Remove useless docblocks
  [FrameworkBundle] Fix docblocks
  [PropertyInfo] Remove useless docblocks