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[READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the Symfony Form Component -- clone into Symfony/Component/ (master at symfony/symfony)

Merge branch '2.7'

* 2.7:
  [RFC][Console] Added console style guide helpers (v2)
  [Validator] Add missing pt_BR translations
  [Translation][Profiler] Added a Translation profiler.
  Add parsing of hexadecimal strings for PHP 7
  [VarDumper] Add filters to casters
  Trim final stop from deprecation message
  [Configuration] improve description for ignoreExtraKeys on ArrayNodeDefinition
  [Validator] Added missing Hungarian translation
  [Validator] Fixed grammar in Hungarian translation
  CS: Unary operators should be placed adjacent to their operands
  CS: Binary operators should be arounded by at least one space
  remove useless tests that fail in php 7
  [Translator] fix test for php 7 compatibility
  [VarDumper] Add VarDumperTestCase and related trait
  Update phpdoc of ProcessBuilder#setPrefix()

latest commit 8984dca2e8
@fabpot fabpot authored
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Exception [Form] fixed deprecation triggers, removed usage of deprecated features
Extension Merge branch '2.7'
Guess [2.3] CS And DocBlock Fixes
Resources Merge branch '2.3' into 2.5
Test Merge branch '2.3' into 2.6
Tests Merge branch '2.7'
Util Merge branch '2.6' into 2.7
.gitignore Added missing files .gitignore
AbstractExtension.php [2.3] CS And DocBlock Fixes
AbstractRendererEngine.php [2.3] [Config] [Console] [DependencyInjection] [DomCrawler] [Form] [H…
AbstractType.php Removed deprecated setDefaultOptions methods
AbstractTypeExtension.php Removed deprecated setDefaultOptions methods
Button.php Merge branch '2.3' into 2.6
ButtonBuilder.php Normalized @deprecated annotations.
ButtonTypeInterface.php [Form] Implemented support for buttons Merge branch '2.6' into 2.7
CallbackTransformer.php [2.3] CS And DocBlock Fixes
ClickableInterface.php [2.3][Form] Cleanup & fix phpdocs
DataMapperInterface.php [Form] Moved parent data inheritance from data mappers to Form
DataTransformerInterface.php Merge branch '2.2'
Form.php Merge branch '2.6' into 2.7
FormBuilder.php [2.3] [Config] [Console] [DependencyInjection] [DomCrawler] [Form] [H…
FormBuilderInterface.php [2.3][Form] Cleanup & fix phpdocs
FormConfigBuilder.php Merge branch '2.6' into 2.7
FormConfigBuilderInterface.php Docblock fixes
FormConfigInterface.php [2.3][Form] Cleanup & fix phpdocs
FormError.php Merge branch '2.3' into 2.5
FormErrorIterator.php CS fixes
FormEvent.php [Form] removed deprecated methods and classes
FormEvents.php Merge branch '2.7'
FormExtensionInterface.php [2.3][Form] Cleanup & fix phpdocs
FormFactory.php [Form] fixed a maxlength overring on a guessing
FormFactoryBuilder.php [2.3][Form] Cleanup & fix phpdocs
FormFactoryBuilderInterface.php [Form] fix and unify phpdoc
FormFactoryInterface.php fixed types in phpdocs
FormInterface.php Merge branch '2.5' into 2.6
FormRegistry.php [2.3] CS And DocBlock Fixes
FormRegistryInterface.php [2.3][Form] Cleanup & fix phpdocs
FormRenderer.php Merge branch '2.3' into 2.6
FormRendererEngineInterface.php Docblock fixes
FormRendererInterface.php Merge branch '2.3' into 2.4
FormTypeExtensionInterface.php Removed deprecated setDefaultOptions methods
FormTypeGuesserChain.php [2.3] CS And DocBlock Fixes
FormTypeGuesserInterface.php [2.3] CS And DocBlock Fixes
FormTypeInterface.php Removed deprecated setDefaultOptions methods
FormView.php [2.3] CS And DocBlock Fixes
Forms.php [2.5] cleanup deprecated uses
LICENSE Updated copyright to 2015
NativeRequestHandler.php [2.3] Static Code Analysis for Components
PreloadedExtension.php Docblock fixes Merge branch '2.7'
RequestHandlerInterface.php [Form] Deprecated bind() and isBound() in favor of submit() and isSub…
ResolvedFormType.php Removed deprecated setDefaultOptions methods
ResolvedFormTypeFactory.php [Form] Fixed ResolvedFormType to really be replaceable
ResolvedFormTypeFactoryInterface.php [Form] fix and unify phpdoc
ResolvedFormTypeInterface.php Remove the deprecated OptionsResolverInterface
ReversedTransformer.php [2.3] CS And DocBlock Fixes
SubmitButton.php fixed types in phpdocs
SubmitButtonBuilder.php [Form] fix and unify phpdoc
SubmitButtonTypeInterface.php [Form] Implemented support for buttons
composer.json Merge branch '2.7'
phpunit.xml.dist [PhpUnitBridge] new bridge for testing with PHPUnit

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