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  • [BC BREAK] read_only field attribute now renders as readonly="readonly", use disabled instead
  • [BC BREAK] child forms now aren't validated anymore by default
  • made validation of form children configurable (new option: cascade_validation)
  • added support for validation groups as callbacks
  • made the translation catalogue configurable via the "translation_domain" option
  • added Form::getErrorsAsString() to help debugging forms
  • allowed setting different options for RepeatedType fields (like the label)
  • added support for empty form name at root level, this enables rendering forms without form name prefix in field names
  • [BC BREAK] form and field names must start with a letter, digit or underscore and only contain letters, digits, underscores, hyphens and colons
  • [BC BREAK] changed default name of the prototype in the "collection" type from "$$name$$" to "__name__". No dollars are appended/prepended to custom names anymore.
  • [BC BREAK] improved ChoiceListInterface
  • [BC BREAK] added SimpleChoiceList and LazyChoiceList as replacement of ArrayChoiceList
  • added ChoiceList and ObjectChoiceList to use objects as choices
  • [BC BREAK] removed EntitiesToArrayTransformer and EntityToIdTransformer. The former has been replaced by CollectionToArrayTransformer in combination with EntityChoiceList, the latter is not required in the core anymore.
  • [BC BREAK] renamed
    • ArrayToBooleanChoicesTransformer to ChoicesToBooleanArrayTransformer
    • ScalarToBooleanChoicesTransformer to ChoiceToBooleanArrayTransformer
    • ArrayToChoicesTransformer to ChoicesToValuesTransformer
    • ScalarToChoiceTransformer to ChoiceToValueTransformer to be consistent with the naming in ChoiceListInterface.
  • [BC BREAK] removed FormUtil::toArrayKey() and FormUtil::toArrayKeys(). They were merged into ChoiceList and have no public equivalent anymore.
  • choice fields now throw a FormException if neither the "choices" nor the "choice_list" option is set
  • the radio type is now a child of the checkbox type
  • the collection, choice (with multiple selection) and entity (with multiple selection) types now make use of addXxx() and removeXxx() methods in your model if you set "by_reference" to false. For a custom, non-recognized singular form, set the "property_path" option like this: "plural|singular"
  • forms now don't create an empty object anymore if they are completely empty and not required. The empty value for such forms is null.
  • added constant Guess::VERY_HIGH_CONFIDENCE
  • [BC BREAK] The methods add, remove, setParent, bind and setData in class Form now throw an exception if the form is already bound
  • fields of constrained classes without a NotBlank or NotNull constraint are set to not required now, as stated in the docs
  • fixed TimeType and DateTimeType to not display seconds when "widget" is "single_text" unless "with_seconds" is set to true
  • checkboxes of in an expanded multiple-choice field don't include the choice in their name anymore. Their names terminate with "[]" now.
  • deprecated FormValidatorInterface and substituted its implementations by event subscribers
  • simplified CSRF protection and removed the csrf type
  • deprecated FieldType and merged it into FormType
  • added new option "compound" that lets you switch between field and form behavior
  • [BC BREAK] renamed theme blocks
    • "field_" to "form_"
    • "field_widget" to "form_widget_simple"
    • "widget_choice_options" to "choice_widget_options"
    • "generic_label" to "form_label"
  • added theme blocks "form_widget_compound", "choice_widget_expanded" and "choice_widget_collapsed" to make theming more modular
  • ValidatorTypeGuesser now guesses "collection" for array type constraint
  • added method guessPattern to FormTypeGuesserInterface to guess which pattern to use in the HTML5 attribute "pattern"
  • deprecated method guessMinLength in favor of guessPattern
  • labels don't display field attributes anymore. Label attributes can be passed in the "label_attr" option/variable
  • added option "mapped" which should be used instead of setting "property_path" to false
  • [BC BREAK] "data_class" now must be set if a form maps to an object and should be left empty otherwise
  • improved error mapping on forms
    • dot (".") rules are now allowed to map errors assigned to a form to one of its children
  • errors are not mapped to unsynchronized forms anymore
  • [BC BREAK] changed Form constructor to accept a single FormConfigInterface object
  • [BC BREAK] changed argument order in the FormBuilder constructor
  • added Form method getViewData
  • deprecated Form methods
    • getTypes
    • getErrorBubbling
    • getNormTransformers
    • getClientTransformers
    • getAttribute
    • hasAttribute
    • getClientData
  • added FormBuilder methods
    • addViewTransformer
    • getViewTransformers
    • resetViewTransformers
    • addModelTransformer
    • getModelTransformers
    • resetModelTransformers
  • deprecated FormBuilder methods
    • prependClientTransformer
    • appendClientTransformer
    • getClientTransformers
    • resetClientTransformers
    • prependNormTransformer
    • appendNormTransformer
    • getNormTransformers
    • resetNormTransformers
  • deprecated the option "validation_constraint" in favor of the new option "constraints"
  • removed superfluous methods from DataMapperInterface
    • mapFormToData
    • mapDataToForm
  • [BC BREAK] FormType::getDefaultOptions() and FormType::getAllowedOptionValues() don't receive an options array anymore.
  • added setDefaultOptions to FormTypeInterface and FormTypeExtensionInterface which accepts an OptionsResolverInterface instance
  • deprecated the methods getDefaultOptions and getAllowedOptionValues in FormTypeInterface and FormTypeExtensionInterface
  • options passed during construction can now be accessed from FormConfigInterface
  • added FormBuilderInterface, FormViewInterface and FormConfigEditorInterface
  • [BC BREAK] the methods in FormTypeInterface and FormTypeExtensionInterface now receive FormBuilderInterface and FormViewInterface instead of FormBuilder and FormView
  • [BC BREAK] the method buildViewBottomUp was renamed to finishView in FormTypeInterface and FormTypeExtensionInterface
  • [BC BREAK] the options array is now passed as last argument of the methods
    • buildView
    • finishView in FormTypeInterface and FormTypeExtensionInterface
  • [BC BREAK] no options are passed to getParent of FormTypeInterface anymore
  • deprecated DataEvent and FilterDataEvent in favor of the new FormEvent which is now passed to all events thrown by the component
  • FormEvents::BIND now replaces FormEvents::BIND_NORM_DATA
  • FormEvents::PRE_SET_DATA now replaces FormEvents::SET_DATA
  • FormEvents::PRE_BIND now replaces FormEvents::BIND_CLIENT_DATA
  • deprecated FormEvents::SET_DATA, FormEvents::BIND_CLIENT_DATA and FormEvents::BIND_NORM_DATA
  • [BC BREAK] reversed the order of the first two arguments to createNamed and createNamedBuilder in FormFactoryInterface
  • [BC BREAK] adapted methods of FormView to match the naming used in FormInterface and FormBuilder
  • deprecated getChildren in Form and FormBuilder in favor of all
  • deprecated hasChildren in Form and FormBuilder in favor of count
  • FormBuilder now implements \IteratorAggregate
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