Latest commit 9005c6a Oct 13, 2017 @nicolas-grekas nicolas-grekas Merge branch '3.4'
* 3.4:
  [TwigBridge] fix BC for FormExtension if renderer is FormRenderer
  [Form] Fix 5.5 compatibility for ResizeFormListener
  [BrowserKit] Handle deprecations triggered in insulated requests
  [Bridge\PhpUnit] Handle deprecations triggered in separate processes
  Fix LogLevel::DEBUG as min level
  [Validator] added magic method __isset()  to File Constraint class
  Support array of types in allowed type
  [DI] Fix possible incorrect php-code when dumped strings contains newlines
  [Translation] minor: remove unused variable in test
  added ability to handle parent classes for PropertyNormalizer
  replace parameters in dummy identity translator
  never match invalid IP addresses