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  • [BC BREAK] the charset is now configured via the Kernel::getCharset() method
  • [BC BREAK] the current locale for the user is not stored anymore in the session
  • added the HTTP method to the profiler storage
  • updated all listeners to implement EventSubscriberInterface
  • added TimeDataCollector
  • added ContainerAwareTraceableEventDispatcher
  • moved TraceableEventDispatcherInterface to the EventDispatcher component
  • added RouterListener, LocaleListener, and StreamedResponseListener
  • added CacheClearerInterface (and ChainCacheClearer)
  • added a kernel.terminate event (via TerminableInterface and PostResponseEvent)
  • added a Stopwatch class
  • added WarmableInterface
  • improved extensibility between bundles
  • added profiler storages for Memcache(d), File-based, MongoDB, Redis
  • moved Filesystem class to its own component
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