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  • added RequestMatcherInterface
  • added RequestContext::fromRequest()
  • the UrlMatcher does not throw a \LogicException anymore when the required scheme is not the current one
  • added TraceableUrlMatcher
  • added the possibility to define options, default values and requirements for placeholders in prefix, including imported routes
  • added RouterInterface::getRouteCollection
  • [BC BREAK] the UrlMatcher urldecodes the route parameters only once, they were decoded twice before. Note that the urldecode() calls have been changed for a single rawurldecode() in order to support + for input paths.
  • added RouteCollection::getRoot method to retrieve the root of a RouteCollection tree
  • [BC BREAK] made RouteCollection::setParent private which could not have been used anyway without creating inconsistencies
  • [BC BREAK] RouteCollection::remove also removes a route from parent collections (not only from its children)
  • added strict_requirements option to disable exceptions (and generate empty URLs instead) when generating a route with an invalid parameter value
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