Latest commit 668193c Jan 2, 2017 @nicolas-grekas nicolas-grekas Merge branch '3.1' into 3.2
* 3.1:
  do not depend on a fixed date in layout tests
  [Console] Escape default value when dumping help
  [Console] OS X Can't call cli_set_process_title php without superuser
  Fixed @return when returning this or static #bis
  fixed @return when returning this or static
  Polish translation improvement in Validator component
  [Console] Descriptors should use Helper::strlen
  [Config] Improve PHPdoc / IDE autocomplete
  [Debug] Wrap call to ->log in a try catch block
  [Debug] UndefinedMethodFatalErrorHandler - Handle anonymous classes
  fix merge
  [cache] Bump RedisAdapter timeout to 5s
  fixed @return when returning this or static
  [SecurityBundle] Made collection of user provider unique when injecting them to the RemberMeService
  remove is_writable check on filesystem cache