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  • Added PBKDF2 Password encoder


  • [BC BREAK] The signature of ExceptionListener has changed
  • changed the HttpUtils constructor signature to take a UrlGenerator and a UrlMatcher instead of a Router
  • EncoderFactoryInterface::getEncoder() can now also take a class name as an argument
  • allow switching to the user that is already impersonated
  • added support for the remember_me parameter in the query
  • added AccessMapInterface
  • [BC BREAK] moved user comparison logic out of UserInterface
  • made the logout path check configurable
  • after login, the user is now redirected to default_target_path if use_referer is true and the referrer is the login_path.
  • added a way to remove a token from a session
  • [BC BREAK] changed MutableAclInterface::setParentAcl to accept null, review your implementation to reflect this change.
  • ObjectIdentity::fromDomainObject, UserSecurityIdentity::fromAccount and UserSecurityIdentity::fromToken now return correct identities for proxies objects (e.g. Doctrine proxies)
  • [BC BREAK] moved the default authentication success and failure handling to separate classes. The order of arguments in the constructor of the AbstractAuthenticationListener has changed.
  • [BC BREAK] moved the default logout success handling to a separate class. The order of arguments in the constructor of LogoutListener has changed.
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