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  • added $attributes and $subject with getters/setters to Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Exception\AccessDeniedException


  • removed all deprecated code


  • deprecated getKey() of the AnonymousToken, RememberMeToken, AbstractRememberMeServices and DigestAuthenticationEntryPoint classes in favor of getSecret().
  • deprecated Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Authentication\SimplePreAuthenticatorInterface, use Symfony\Component\Security\Http\Authentication\SimplePreAuthenticatorInterface instead
  • deprecated Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Authentication\SimpleFormAuthenticatorInterface, use Symfony\Component\Security\Http\Authentication\SimpleFormAuthenticatorInterface instead
  • deprecated Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Util\ClassUtils, use Symfony\Component\Security\Acl\Util\ClassUtils instead
  • deprecated the Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Util\SecureRandom class in favor of the random_bytes() function
  • deprecated supportsAttribute() and supportsClass() methods of Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Authorization\AccessDecisionManagerInterface and Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Authorization\Voter\VoterInterface.
  • deprecated getSupportedAttributes() and getSupportedClasses() methods of Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Authorization\Voter\AbstractVoter, use supports() instead.
  • deprecated the intention option for all the authentication listeners, use the csrf_token_id option instead.


  • added LogoutUrlGenerator
  • added the triggering of the Symfony\Component\Security\Http\SecurityEvents::INTERACTIVE_LOGIN in Symfony\Component\Security\Http\Firewall\SimplePreAuthenticationListener
  • The MaskBuilder logic has been abstracted in the Symfony\Component\Security\Acl\Permission\AbstractMaskBuilder and described in the Symfony\Component\Security\Acl\Permission\MaskBuilderInterface
  • added interface Symfony\Component\Security\Acl\Permission\MaskBuilderRetrievalInterface


  • added Symfony\Component\Security\Http\Authentication\AuthenticationUtils
  • Deprecated the SecurityContext class in favor of the AuthorizationChecker and TokenStorage classes


  • Translations in the src/Symfony/Component/Security/Resources/translations/ directory are deprecated, ones in src/Symfony/Component/Security/Core/Resources/translations/ must be used instead.
  • The switch user listener now preserves the query string when switching a user
  • The remember-me cookie hashes now use HMAC, which means that current cookies will be invalidated
  • added simpler customization options
  • structured component into three sub-components Acl, Core and Http
  • added Csrf sub-component
  • changed Http sub-component to depend on Csrf sub-component instead of the Form component


  • [BC BREAK] the BCrypt encoder constructor signature has changed (the first argument was removed) To use the BCrypt encoder, you now need PHP 5.5 or "ircmaxell/password-compat" as a composer dependency
  • [BC BREAK] return 401 instead of 500 when using use_forward during for form authentication
  • added a require_previous_session option to AbstractAuthenticationListener


  • Symfony\Component\Security\Http\Firewall and Symfony\Component\Security\Http\RememberMe\ResponseListener now implements EventSubscriberInterface
  • added secure random number generator
  • added PBKDF2 Password encoder
  • added BCrypt password encoder


  • [BC BREAK] The signature of ExceptionListener has changed
  • changed the HttpUtils constructor signature to take a UrlGenerator and a UrlMatcher instead of a Router
  • EncoderFactoryInterface::getEncoder() can now also take a class name as an argument
  • allow switching to the user that is already impersonated
  • added support for the remember_me parameter in the query
  • added AccessMapInterface
  • [BC BREAK] moved user comparison logic out of UserInterface
  • made the logout path check configurable
  • after login, the user is now redirected to default_target_path if use_referer is true and the referrer is the login_path.
  • added a way to remove a token from a session
  • [BC BREAK] changed MutableAclInterface::setParentAcl to accept null, review your implementation to reflect this change.
  • ObjectIdentity::fromDomainObject, UserSecurityIdentity::fromAccount and UserSecurityIdentity::fromToken now return correct identities for proxies objects (e.g. Doctrine proxies)
  • [BC BREAK] moved the default authentication success and failure handling to separate classes. The order of arguments in the constructor of the AbstractAuthenticationListener has changed.
  • [BC BREAK] moved the default logout success handling to a separate class. The order of arguments in the constructor of LogoutListener has changed.
  • [BC BREAK] The constructor of AuthenticationException and all child classes now matches the constructor of \Exception. The extra information getters and setters are removed. There are now dedicated getters/setters for token (AuthenticationException'), user (AccountStatusException) and username (UsernameNotFoundException`).