Latest commit b3e0d80 Jul 17, 2017 @nicolas-grekas nicolas-grekas Merge branch '3.4'
* 3.4: (22 commits)
  Fix lazy commands registration
  [TwigBridge] deprecate TwigRenderer
  [FrameworkBundle] Set default public directory on install assets
  [Security] Fix wrong term in UserProviderInterface
  [HttpFoundation] Set meta refresh time to 0 in RedirectResponse content
  disable inlining deprecated services
  [Stopwatch] Fix precision for root section
  [Cache] add constructor docblocks for clarity
  [WebServerBundle] allowed public/ root directory to be auto-discovered along side web/
  [WebServerBundle] remove duplicate code
  [SecurityBundle] Clarify deprecation in UserPasswordEncoderCommand::getContainer
  [Profiler][Validator] ValidatorDataCollector: use new DataCollector::getCasters() method
  [Profiler] Fix data collector getCasters() call
  [VarDumper] Added setMinDepth to VarCloner
  remove symfony/process suggestion
  [DI] Remove unused dynamic property
  [Cache] add constructor docblocks for clarity
  [Security] validate empty passwords again
  [Process] Fixed issue between process builder and exec
  non-conflicting anonymous service ids across files
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Authentication Merge branch '3.4' Jul 12, 2017
Event fixed CS Dec 18, 2011
Resources/translations Security and validators messages translation to Latvian Sep 22, 2016
Role [Security] remove deprecated features May 21, 2017
User Merge branch '3.4' Jul 17, 2017
Validator/Constraints [Security] validate empty passwords again Jul 14, 2017
.gitignore [Security] Split the component into 3 sub-components Core, ACL, HTTP Sep 18, 2013
AuthenticationEvents.php move event listener method type hint docs to @Event annotations defau… May 3, 2016
LICENSE updated LICENSE year Jan 2, 2017
Security.php Merge branch '2.3' into 2.7 May 9, 2016
composer.json Tweak travis and appveyor for Symfony 4 May 18, 2017
phpunit.xml.dist unify PHPUnit config files Apr 12, 2017