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  • removed the backup feature of the FileDumper class


  • Added TranslationDumperPass
  • Added TranslationExtractorPass
  • Added TranslatorPass


  • Added support for escaping | in plural translations with double pipe.


  • Deprecated the backup feature of the file dumper classes.


  • removed FileDumper::format() method.
  • Changed the visibility of the locale property in Translator from protected to private.


  • deprecated FileDumper::format(), overwrite FileDumper::formatCatalogue() instead.
  • deprecated Translator::getMessages(), rely on TranslatorBagInterface::getCatalogue() instead.
  • added FileDumper::formatCatalogue which allows format the catalogue without dumping it into file.
  • added option json_encoding to JsonFileDumper
  • added options as_tree, inline to YamlFileDumper
  • added support for XLIFF 2.0.
  • added support for XLIFF target and tool attributes.
  • added message parameters to DataCollectorTranslator.
  • [DEPRECATION] The DiffOperation class has been deprecated and will be removed in Symfony 3.0, since its operation has nothing to do with 'diff', so the class name is misleading. The TargetOperation class should be used for this use-case instead.


  • added DataCollectorTranslator for collecting the translated messages.


  • added possibility to cache catalogues
  • added TranslatorBagInterface
  • added LoggingTranslator
  • added Translator::getMessages() for retrieving the message catalogue as an array


  • added relative file path template to the file dumpers
  • added optional backup to the file dumpers
  • changed IcuResFileDumper to extend FileDumper


  • added classes to make operations on catalogues (like making a diff or a merge on 2 catalogues)
  • added Translator::getFallbackLocales()
  • deprecated Translator::setFallbackLocale() in favor of the new Translator::setFallbackLocales() method


  • QtTranslationsLoader class renamed to QtFileLoader. QtTranslationsLoader is deprecated and will be removed in 2.3.
  • [BC BREAK] uniformized the exception thrown by the load() method when an error occurs. The load() method now throws Symfony\Component\Translation\Exception\NotFoundResourceException when a resource cannot be found and Symfony\Component\Translation\Exception\InvalidResourceException when a resource is invalid.
  • changed the exception class thrown by some load() methods from \RuntimeException to \InvalidArgumentException (IcuDatFileLoader, IcuResFileLoader and QtFileLoader)


  • added support for more than one fallback locale
  • added support for extracting translation messages from templates (Twig and PHP)
  • added dumpers for translation catalogs
  • added support for QT, gettext, and ResourceBundles