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  • deprecated Tests\Constraints\AbstractContraintValidatorTest in favor of Test\ConstraintValidatorTestCase


  • deprecated DateTimeValidator::PATTERN constant
  • added a format option to the DateTime constraint


  • added the BIC (SWIFT-Code) validator


  • deprecated DefaultTranslator in favor of Symfony\Component\Translation\IdentityTranslator
  • deprecated PHP7-incompatible constraints (Null, True, False) and related validators (NullValidator, TrueValidator, FalseValidator) in favor of their Is-prefixed equivalent


  • [BC BREAK] FileValidator disallow empty files
  • [BC BREAK] UserPasswordValidator source message change
  • [BC BREAK] added internal ExecutionContextInterface::setConstraint()
  • added ConstraintViolation::getConstraint()
  • [BC BREAK] The ExpressionValidator will now evaluate the Expression even when the property value is null or an empty string
  • deprecated ClassMetadata::hasMemberMetadatas()
  • deprecated ClassMetadata::getMemberMetadatas()
  • deprecated ClassMetadata::addMemberMetadata()
  • [BC BREAK] added Mapping\MetadataInterface::getConstraints()
  • added generic "payload" option to all constraints for attaching domain-specific data
  • [BC BREAK] added ConstraintViolationBuilderInterface::setCause()


  • deprecated ApcCache in favor of DoctrineCache
  • added DoctrineCache to adapt any Doctrine cache
  • GroupSequence now implements ArrayAccess, Countable and Traversable
  • [BC BREAK] changed ClassMetadata::getGroupSequence() to return a GroupSequence instance instead of an array
  • Callback can now be put onto properties (useful when you pass a closure to the constraint)
  • deprecated ClassBasedInterface
  • deprecated MetadataInterface
  • deprecated PropertyMetadataInterface
  • deprecated PropertyMetadataContainerInterface
  • deprecated Mapping\ElementMetadata
  • added Mapping\MetadataInterface
  • added Mapping\ClassMetadataInterface
  • added Mapping\PropertyMetadataInterface
  • added Mapping\GenericMetadata
  • added Mapping\CascadingStrategy
  • added Mapping\TraversalStrategy
  • deprecated Mapping\ClassMetadata::accept()
  • deprecated Mapping\MemberMetadata::accept()
  • removed array type hint of Mapping\ClassMetadata::setGroupSequence()
  • deprecated MetadataFactoryInterface
  • deprecated Mapping\BlackholeMetadataFactory
  • deprecated Mapping\ClassMetadataFactory
  • added Mapping\Factory\MetadataFactoryInterface
  • added Mapping\Factory\BlackHoleMetadataFactory
  • added Mapping\Factory\LazyLoadingMetadataFactory
  • deprecated ExecutionContextInterface
  • deprecated ExecutionContext
  • deprecated GlobalExecutionContextInterface
  • added Context\ExecutionContextInterface
  • added Context\ExecutionContext
  • added Context\ExecutionContextFactoryInterface
  • added Context\ExecutionContextFactory
  • deprecated ValidatorInterface
  • deprecated Validator
  • deprecated ValidationVisitorInterface
  • deprecated ValidationVisitor
  • added Validator\ValidatorInterface
  • added Validator\RecursiveValidator
  • added Validator\ContextualValidatorInterface
  • added Validator\RecursiveContextualValidator
  • added Violation\ConstraintViolationBuilderInterface
  • added Violation\ConstraintViolationBuilder
  • added ConstraintViolation::getParameters()
  • added ConstraintViolation::getPlural()
  • added Constraints\Traverse
  • deprecated $deep property in Constraints\Valid
  • added ValidatorBuilderInterface::setApiVersion()
  • added Validation::API_VERSION_2_4
  • added Validation::API_VERSION_2_5
  • added Exception\OutOfBoundsException
  • added Exception\UnsupportedMetadataException
  • made Exception\ValidatorException extend Exception\RuntimeException
  • added Util\PropertyPath
  • made the PropertyAccess component an optional dependency
  • deprecated ValidatorBuilder::setPropertyAccessor()
  • deprecated validate and validateValue on Validator\Context\ExecutionContext use getValidator() together with inContext() instead


  • added a constraint the uses the expression language
  • added minRatio, maxRatio, allowSquare, allowLandscape, and allowPortrait to Image validator


  • fixed compatibility with PHP7 and up by introducing new constraints (IsNull, IsTrue, IsFalse) and related validators (IsNullValidator, IsTrueValidator, IsFalseValidator)


  • added the ISBN, ISSN, and IBAN validators
  • copied the constraints Optional and Required to the Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraints\ namespace and deprecated the original classes.
  • added comparison validators (EqualTo, NotEqualTo, LessThan, LessThanOrEqualTo, GreaterThan, GreaterThanOrEqualTo, IdenticalTo, NotIdenticalTo)


  • added a CardScheme validator
  • added a Luhn validator
  • moved @api-tags from Validator to ValidatorInterface
  • moved @api-tags from ConstraintViolation to the new ConstraintViolationInterface
  • moved @api-tags from ConstraintViolationList to the new ConstraintViolationListInterface
  • moved @api-tags from ExecutionContext to the new ExecutionContextInterface
  • [BC BREAK] ConstraintValidatorInterface::initialize is now type hinted against ExecutionContextInterface instead of ExecutionContext
  • [BC BREAK] changed the visibility of the properties in Validator from protected to private
  • deprecated ClassMetadataFactoryInterface in favor of the new MetadataFactoryInterface
  • deprecated ClassMetadataFactory::getClassMetadata in favor of getMetadataFor
  • created MetadataInterface, PropertyMetadataInterface, ClassBasedInterface and PropertyMetadataContainerInterface
  • deprecated GraphWalker in favor of the new ValidationVisitorInterface
  • deprecated ExecutionContext::addViolationAtPath
  • deprecated ExecutionContext::addViolationAtSubPath in favor of ExecutionContextInterface::addViolationAt
  • deprecated ExecutionContext::getCurrentClass in favor of ExecutionContextInterface::getClassName
  • deprecated ExecutionContext::getCurrentProperty in favor of ExecutionContextInterface::getPropertyName
  • deprecated ExecutionContext::getCurrentValue in favor of ExecutionContextInterface::getValue
  • deprecated ExecutionContext::getGraphWalker in favor of ExecutionContextInterface::validate and ExecutionContextInterface::validateValue
  • improved ValidatorInterface::validateValue to accept arrays of constraints
  • changed ValidatorInterface::getMetadataFactory to return a MetadataFactoryInterface instead of a ClassMetadataFactoryInterface
  • removed ClassMetadataFactoryInterface type hint from ValidatorBuilderInterface::setMetadataFactory. As of Symfony 2.3, this method will be typed against MetadataFactoryInterface instead.
  • [BC BREAK] the switches traverse and deep in the Valid constraint and in GraphWalker::walkReference are ignored for arrays now. Arrays are always traversed recursively.
  • added dependency to Translation component
  • violation messages are now translated with a TranslatorInterface implementation
  • [BC BREAK] inserted argument $message in the constructor of ConstraintViolation
  • [BC BREAK] inserted arguments $translator and $translationDomain in the constructor of ExecutionContext
  • [BC BREAK] inserted arguments $translator and $translationDomain in the constructor of GraphWalker
  • [BC BREAK] inserted arguments $translator and $translationDomain in the constructor of ValidationVisitor
  • [BC BREAK] inserted arguments $translator and $translationDomain in the constructor of Validator
  • [BC BREAK] added setTranslator() and setTranslationDomain() to ValidatorBuilderInterface
  • improved the Validator to support pluralized messages by default
  • [BC BREAK] changed the source of all pluralized messages in the translation files to the pluralized version
  • added ExceptionInterface, BadMethodCallException and InvalidArgumentException


  • added support for ctype_* assertions in TypeValidator
  • improved the ImageValidator with min width, max width, min height, and max height constraints
  • added support for MIME with wildcard in FileValidator
  • changed Collection validator to add "missing" and "extra" errors to individual fields
  • changed default value for extraFieldsMessage and missingFieldsMessage in Collection constraint
  • made ExecutionContext immutable
  • deprecated Constraint methods setMessage, getMessageTemplate and getMessageParameters
  • added support for dynamic group sequences with the GroupSequenceProvider pattern
  • [BC BREAK] ConstraintValidatorInterface method isValid has been renamed to validate, its return value was dropped. ConstraintValidator still contains isValid for BC
  • [BC BREAK] collections in fields annotated with Valid are not traversed recursively anymore by default. Valid contains a new property deep which enables the BC behavior.
  • added Count constraint
  • added Length constraint
  • added Range constraint
  • deprecated the Min and Max constraints
  • deprecated the MinLength and MaxLength constraints
  • added Validation and ValidatorBuilderInterface
  • deprecated ValidatorContext, ValidatorContextInterface and ValidatorFactory