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* This file is part of the Symfony package.
* (c) Fabien Potencier <>
* For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE
* file that was distributed with this source code.
namespace Symfony\Component\Validator;
* A container for validation metadata.
* The container contains constraints that may belong to different validation
* groups. Constraints for a specific group can be fetched by calling
* {@link findConstraints}.
* Implement this interface to add validation metadata to your own metadata
* layer. Each metadata may have named properties. Each property can be
* represented by one or more {@link PropertyMetadataInterface} instances that
* are returned by {@link getPropertyMetadata}. Since
* <tt>PropertyMetadataInterface</tt> inherits from <tt>MetadataInterface</tt>,
* each property may be divided into further properties.
* The {@link accept} method of each metadata implements the Visitor pattern.
* The method should forward the call to the visitor's
* {@link ValidationVisitorInterface::visit} method and additionally call
* <tt>accept()</tt> on all structurally related metadata instances.
* For example, to store constraints for PHP classes and their properties,
* create a class <tt>ClassMetadata</tt> (implementing <tt>MetadataInterface</tt>)
* and a class <tt>PropertyMetadata</tt> (implementing <tt>PropertyMetadataInterface</tt>).
* <tt>ClassMetadata::getPropertyMetadata($property)</tt> returns all
* <tt>PropertyMetadata</tt> instances for a property of that class. Its
* <tt>accept()</tt>-method simply forwards to <tt>ValidationVisitorInterface::visit()</tt>
* and calls <tt>accept()</tt> on all contained <tt>PropertyMetadata</tt>
* instances, which themselves call <tt>ValidationVisitorInterface::visit()</tt>
* again.
* @author Bernhard Schussek <>
* @deprecated since version 2.5, to be removed in 3.0.
* Use {@link Mapping\MetadataInterface} instead.
interface MetadataInterface
* Implementation of the Visitor design pattern.
* Calls {@link ValidationVisitorInterface::visit} and then forwards the
* <tt>accept()</tt>-call to all property metadata instances.
* @param ValidationVisitorInterface $visitor The visitor implementing the validation logic
* @param mixed $value The value to validate
* @param string|string[] $group The validation group to validate in
* @param string $propertyPath The current property path in the validation graph
* @deprecated since version 2.5, to be removed in 3.0.
public function accept(ValidationVisitorInterface $visitor, $value, $group, $propertyPath);
* Returns all constraints for a given validation group.
* @param string $group The validation group
* @return Constraint[] A list of constraint instances
public function findConstraints($group);
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