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Merge branch '2.1'

* 2.1:
  removed unused use statements
  [Form] Adapted HTML5 format in DateTimeType as response to a closed ICU ticket
  [2.1][HttpFoundation] Fixed Php doc in Request::get
  bumped Symfony version to 2.1.4-DEV
  updated VERSION for 2.1.3
  update CONTRIBUTORS for 2.1.3
  updated CHANGELOG for 2.1.3
  merged branch jakzal/yamlDoubleQuotesDumperFix (PR #4320)

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commit 5435fd7bd42dbea42fbfc5aec6bf3274c3bb38ed 2 parents 76256c6 + 9f3d53a
@fabpot fabpot authored
Showing with 10 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 Escaper.php
  2. +8 −0 Tests/Fixtures/escapedCharacters.yml
4 Escaper.php
@@ -25,13 +25,13 @@ class Escaper
// first to ensure proper escaping because str_replace operates iteratively
// on the input arrays. This ordering of the characters avoids the use of strtr,
// which performs more slowly.
- private static $escapees = array('\\\\', '\\"',
+ private static $escapees = array('\\\\', '\\"', '"',
"\x00", "\x01", "\x02", "\x03", "\x04", "\x05", "\x06", "\x07",
"\x08", "\x09", "\x0a", "\x0b", "\x0c", "\x0d", "\x0e", "\x0f",
"\x10", "\x11", "\x12", "\x13", "\x14", "\x15", "\x16", "\x17",
"\x18", "\x19", "\x1a", "\x1b", "\x1c", "\x1d", "\x1e", "\x1f",
"\xc2\x85", "\xc2\xa0", "\xe2\x80\xa8", "\xe2\x80\xa9");
- private static $escaped = array('\\"', '\\\\',
+ private static $escaped = array('\\"', '\\\\', '\\"',
"\\0", "\\x01", "\\x02", "\\x03", "\\x04", "\\x05", "\\x06", "\\a",
"\\b", "\\t", "\\n", "\\v", "\\f", "\\r", "\\x0e", "\\x0f",
"\\x10", "\\x11", "\\x12", "\\x13", "\\x14", "\\x15", "\\x16", "\\x17",
8 Tests/Fixtures/escapedCharacters.yml
@@ -137,3 +137,11 @@ yaml: |
\x41 \u0041 \U00000041"
php: |
"Fun with \x5C\n\x22 \x07 \x08 \x1B \x0C\n\x0A \x0D \x09 \x0B \x00\n\x20 \xA0 \x85 \xe2\x80\xa8 \xe2\x80\xa9\nA A A"
+test: Double quotes with a line feed
+yaml: |
+ { double: "some value\n \"some quoted string\" and 'some single quotes one'" }
+php: |
+ array(
+ 'double' => "some value\n \"some quoted string\" and 'some single quotes one'"
+ )

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