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Asset variables are breaking the use of the controller #136

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When using the AsseticController, asset variables are used as placeholders in the route but are not passed to the router when generating the url

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It worked in my initial implementation afaik (I was using it with controllers at least), not sure what changed since then.

Right now, I'm using exclusively the --watch option.

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There's nothing using the vars for the route generation here:


@schmittjoh, is it possible that you dump your assets via assetic:dump --watch command and your web server fetches requested asset files already exist and compiled from the filesystem bypassing assetic controller?

I have the same issue when i am using asset variables.
During url generation for my assets i have MissingMandatoryParametersException
with message like this "The "assetic****" route has some missing mandatory parameters ("variable_name")." thrown.

It looks like these issues are related:!topic/symfony2/u7IxnRGALW8


Any news on how to fix this issue?
I'm using use_controller: false and --watch when dumping the assets.

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An additional bug that makes this not work is the following. In order to use variables with an output, the output must include the variable (e.g. {env}):

        {% stylesheets filter='cssrewrite'
            <link href="{{ asset_url }}" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />
        {% endstylesheets %}

With use_controller set to true, the assetic route that's generate for the output is: /css/packed/layout_{env}_main_{env}_2.css - with a double {env}. This is illegal in routing, which causes an error.

The issue happens in AssetCollectionIterator::current, where $this->output (which is now _controller/css/packed/layout_{env}_*.css) is mixed with $name (now main_{env}_2): The fix may be in a totally different file, but you can see where things come together.

There seem to be a number of issues around the web about assetic variables. They're broken and we don't have any documentation. Now that I know how they work, I can handle the docs part, but I'm not sure if we should doc a broken feature anyways.

The fix for Assetic Variables (and how they work)

Not to hijack things, but here's a quick note on the fix for variables. First, set assetic.use_controller: false in your app/config/config_dev.yml file and use an example similar to the above. Details on use_controller: false can be found here:

In Twig, both your output and any files that need the variable in them should include it in their filename (e.g. main_{env}.css). In this example, this would mean that you literally have physical main_dev.css and main_prod.css files.

You'll also need to set your assetic.variables.env (in my example) to the total possible combinations of your variable:

# app/config/config.yml
# ...
        env:      [dev, prod]

This configuration is used so that when you dump your files via assetic:dump, assetic knows to build two versions of your asset (e.g. layout_dev.css and layout_prod.css).

Also, you may be wondering how Assetic magically knows the value of the {env} variable, afterall, we never configured anything to tell Assetic that {env} is supposed to use the Symfony "environment" key. But still, when you refresh the page in the dev environment, Assetic will correctly use the main_dev.css file, for example. The answer is that only two variables work by default (locale and env, and their values are preconfigued in Symfony: If you need a third variable, it will not work without you creating your own value supplier (which you can do by creating a new service for your value supplier, then reimplementing the service definition for assetic.value_supplier (which is an alias), and pointing that alias at your new service.



@weaverryan I tried implementing my own ValueSupplier as described in your last comment. If I die('called')inside the myValueSupplier::getValues function, it exits with 'called', so it's correctly taken into account. But still, I couldn't make it work, I always get Unable to find file "@MyBundle/Resources/public/js/lib/pickadate/translations/{language}.js

I sent a PR which is maybe already a little step to fix this.


I'm a little bit stucked on this issue. I only need to know if it's there any possibility of using assetic vars when use_controller: true.

As I have built it, is working perfect in prod cause use_controller : false. But I need to set use_controller: true in dev in order not to create so many files in the environment. Then I get this Symfony error:

An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Some mandatory parameters are missing ("country") to generate a URL for route "_assetic_8ffd87d_0".").

I think I have read everythng related with no help. Thanks to all of you!

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Fixed in #250

@stof stof closed this

Is it necessary to create file file{env}.js on disk? Without it i have got error
Unable to find file "@SomeBundle/Resources/public/js/file{locale}.js. But when i create it, all works fine.

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