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Configuration option for language to closure compiler #165

rickard2 opened this Issue · 8 comments

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I'm using assetic bundle to compile a bunch of Ember JS files with closure compiler. Unfortunately I've run in to some problems with closure compiler by default using ES3 as language. More info here: emberjs/ember.js#957

I can see that Assetic has support for setting language to ES5: kriswallsmith/assetic#264

But is there any way to do it using the bundle and SF2 configuration?


not yet


It was easier than I thought: #203 Can someone have a look at it please?


Running into similar problems. Would appreciate the PR being merged so that this can be configured in the bundle :-)


+1 waiting for this too


@kriswallsmith Could you have a look at this #203 please?


See PR #260

Other issues and PR's linked to this


#313 has been merged adding it

@stof stof closed this
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