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1e370d7 typo fix
93d8d44 added some more infos about Config
27efd59 added READMEs for the bridges
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6a72b8c added basic README files for all components


added basic README files for all components and bridges

heavily based on and the official Symfony2 documentation


by jmikola at 2011/11/03 13:36:07 -0700

Great work. For syntax highlighting on the PHP snippets, you could add "php" after the three backticks.


by lsmith77 at 2011/11/03 13:41:29 -0700



by stealth35 at 2011/11/03 13:49:31 -0700

Nice job, but you also need to add `<?php`

ex :

``` php
use Symfony\Component\DomCrawler\Crawler;

$crawler = new Crawler();
$crawler->addContent('<html><body><p>Hello World!</p></body></html>');

print $crawler->filter('body > p')->text();


by lsmith77 at 2011/11/03 13:56:57 -0700



by ericclemmons at 2011/11/03 19:57:57 -0700

@lsmith77 Well done!  This makes consumption of individual components that much easier, *especially* now that `composer.json` files have been added.


by lsmith77 at 2011/11/04 01:18:23 -0700

ok .. fixed the issues you mentioned @fabpot


by lsmith77 at 2011/11/11 15:00:27 -0800

@fabpot anything else left? seems like an easy merge .. and imho there is considerable benefit for our efforts to spread the word about the components with this PR merged.


by drak at 2011/11/11 18:54:13 -0800

You know, it might be a nice idea to put a link to the documentation for each component if there is some at


by lsmith77 at 2011/11/12 00:59:14 -0800

i did that in some. but i might have missed a few places.
On 12.11.2011, at 03:54, Drak <> wrote:

> You know, it might be a nice idea to put a link to the documentation for each component if there is some at
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> symfony/symfony#2561 (comment)


by breerly at 2011/11/21 10:28:36 -0800

Pretty excited with this.


by dbu at 2011/11/24 00:02:50 -0800

is there anything we can help with to make this ready to be merged?


by lsmith77 at 2011/12/18 02:39:23 -0800

@fabpot: seriously .. if you are not going to deliver something "better" and don't provide a reason what is wrong with this .. then its beyond frustrating. i obviously do not claim that these README's are perfect (and certainly still no replacement for proper documentation), but I do claim that in their current form they are a radical step forward to potential users of the Symfony2 components.
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+ClassLoader Component
+The ClassLoader component provides an autoloader that implements the PSR-0 standard
+(which is a standard way to autoload namespaced classes as available in PHP 5.3).
+It is also able to load classes that use the PEAR naming convention. It is really
+flexible as it can look for classes in different directories based on a sub-namespace.
+You can even give more than one directory for one namespace:
+require_once __DIR__.'/src/Symfony/Component/ClassLoader/UniversalClassLoader.php';
+use Symfony\Component\ClassLoader\UniversalClassLoader;
+$loader = new UniversalClassLoader();
+ 'Symfony' => array(__DIR__.'/src', __DIR__.'/symfony/src'),
+ 'Doctrine\\Common' => __DIR__.'/vendor/doctrine-common/lib',
+ 'Doctrine\\DBAL' => __DIR__.'/vendor/doctrine-dbal/lib',
+ 'Doctrine' => __DIR__.'/vendor/doctrine/lib',
+ 'Monolog' => __DIR__.'/vendor/monolog/src',
+ 'Twig_' => __DIR__.'/vendor/twig/lib',
+Most of the time, the Symfony2 ClassLoader is all you need to autoload all your project classes.
+And for better performance, you can use an APC cached version of the universal class loader or
+the map class loader.
+Furthermore it provides tools to aggregate classes into a single file, which is especially
+useful to improve performance on servers that do not provide byte caches.
+Unit tests:

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