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  • Add support for choosing exit code while handling signal, or to not exit at all
  • Add ProgressBar::setPlaceholderFormatter to set a placeholder attached to a instance, instead of being global.
  • Add ReStructuredTextDescriptor


  • Improve truecolor terminal detection in some cases
  • Add support for 256 color terminals (conversion from Ansi24 to Ansi8 if terminal is capable of it)
  • Deprecate calling *Command::setApplication(), *FormatterStyle::setForeground/setBackground(), Helper::setHelpSet(), Input*::setDefault(), Question::setAutocompleterCallback/setValidator()without any arguments
  • Change the signature of OutputFormatterStyleInterface::setForeground/setBackground() to setForeground/setBackground(?string)
  • Change the signature of HelperInterface::setHelperSet() to setHelperSet(?HelperSet)


  • Add support to display table vertically when calling setVertical()
  • Add method __toString() to InputInterface
  • Added OutputWrapper to prevent truncated URL in SymfonyStyle::createBlock.
  • Deprecate Command::$defaultName and Command::$defaultDescription, use the AsCommand attribute instead
  • Add suggested values for arguments and options in input definition, for input completion
  • Add $resumeAt parameter to ProgressBar#start(), so that one can easily 'resume' progress on longer tasks, and still get accurate getEstimate() and getRemaining() results.


  • Command::setHidden() has a default value (true) for $hidden parameter and is final
  • Remove Helper::strlen(), use Helper::width() instead
  • Remove Helper::strlenWithoutDecoration(), use Helper::removeDecoration() instead
  • AddConsoleCommandPass can not be configured anymore
  • Remove HelperSet::setCommand() and getCommand() without replacement


  • Add TesterTrait::assertCommandIsSuccessful() to test command
  • Deprecate HelperSet::setCommand() and getCommand() without replacement


  • Add GithubActionReporter to render annotations in a Github Action
  • Add InputOption::VALUE_NEGATABLE flag to handle --foo/--no-foo options
  • Add the Command::$defaultDescription static property and the description attribute on the console.command tag to allow the list command to instantiate commands lazily
  • Add option --short to the list command
  • Add support for bright colors
  • Add #[AsCommand] attribute for declaring commands on PHP 8
  • Add Helper::width() and Helper::length()
  • The --ansi and --no-ansi options now default to null.


  • Added SingleCommandApplication::setAutoExit() to allow testing via CommandTester
  • added support for multiline responses to questions through Question::setMultiline() and Question::isMultiline()
  • Added SignalRegistry class to stack signals handlers
  • Added support for signals:
    • Added Application::getSignalRegistry() and Application::setSignalsToDispatchEvent() methods
    • Added SignalableCommandInterface interface
  • Added TableCellStyle class to customize table cell
  • Removed php prefix invocation from help messages.


  • Command::setHidden() is final since Symfony 5.1
  • Add SingleCommandApplication
  • Add Cursor class


  • removed support for finding hidden commands using an abbreviation, use the full name instead
  • removed TableStyle::setCrossingChar() method in favor of TableStyle::setDefaultCrossingChar()
  • removed TableStyle::setHorizontalBorderChar() method in favor of TableStyle::setDefaultCrossingChars()
  • removed TableStyle::getHorizontalBorderChar() method in favor of TableStyle::getBorderChars()
  • removed TableStyle::setVerticalBorderChar() method in favor of TableStyle::setVerticalBorderChars()
  • removed TableStyle::getVerticalBorderChar() method in favor of TableStyle::getBorderChars()
  • removed support for returning null from Command::execute(), return 0 instead
  • ProcessHelper::run() accepts only array|Symfony\Component\Process\Process for its command argument
  • Application::setDispatcher accepts only Symfony\Contracts\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcherInterface for its dispatcher argument
  • renamed Application::renderException() and Application::doRenderException() to renderThrowable() and doRenderThrowable() respectively.


  • deprecated finding hidden commands using an abbreviation, use the full name instead
  • added Question::setTrimmable default to true to allow the answer to be trimmed
  • added method minSecondsBetweenRedraws() and maxSecondsBetweenRedraws() on ProgressBar
  • Application implements ResetInterface
  • marked all dispatched event classes as @final
  • added support for displaying table horizontally
  • deprecated returning null from Command::execute(), return 0 instead
  • Deprecated the Application::renderException() and Application::doRenderException() methods, use renderThrowable() and doRenderThrowable() instead.
  • added support for the NO_COLOR env var (


  • added support for hyperlinks
  • added ProgressBar::iterate() method that simplify updating the progress bar when iterating
  • added Question::setAutocompleterCallback() to provide a callback function that dynamically generates suggestions as the user types


  • allowed passing commands as [$process, 'ENV_VAR' => 'value'] to ProcessHelper::run() to pass environment variables
  • deprecated passing a command as a string to ProcessHelper::run(), pass it the command as an array of its arguments instead
  • made the ProcessHelper class final
  • added WrappableOutputFormatterInterface::formatAndWrap() (implemented in OutputFormatter)
  • added capture_stderr_separately option to CommandTester::execute()


  • added option to run suggested command if command is not found and only 1 alternative is available
  • added option to modify console output and print multiple modifiable sections
  • added support for iterable messages in output write and writeln methods


  • OutputFormatter throws an exception when unknown options are used
  • removed QuestionHelper::setInputStream()/getInputStream()
  • removed Application::getTerminalWidth()/getTerminalHeight() and Application::setTerminalDimensions()/getTerminalDimensions()
  • removed ConsoleExceptionEvent
  • removed ConsoleEvents::EXCEPTION


  • added SHELL_VERBOSITY env var to control verbosity
  • added CommandLoaderInterface, FactoryCommandLoader and PSR-11 ContainerCommandLoader for commands lazy-loading
  • added a case-insensitive command name matching fallback
  • added static Command::$defaultName/getDefaultName(), allowing for commands to be registered at compile time in the application command loader. Setting the $defaultName property avoids the need for filling the command attribute on the console.command tag when using AddConsoleCommandPass.


  • added ExceptionListener
  • added AddConsoleCommandPass (originally in FrameworkBundle)
  • [BC BREAK] Input::getOption() no longer returns the default value for options with value optional explicitly passed empty
  • added console.error event to catch exceptions thrown by other listeners
  • deprecated console.exception event in favor of console.error
  • added ability to handle CommandNotFoundException through the console.error event
  • deprecated default validation in SymfonyQuestionHelper::ask


  • added setInputs() method to CommandTester for ease testing of commands expecting inputs
  • added setStream() and getStream() methods to Input (implement StreamableInputInterface)
  • added StreamableInputInterface
  • added LockableTrait


  • added truncate method to FormatterHelper
  • added setColumnWidth(s) method to Table


  • remove readline support from the question helper as it caused issues


  • use readline for user input in the question helper when available to allow the use of arrow keys


  • added a Process helper
  • added a DebugFormatter helper


  • deprecated the dialog helper (use the question helper instead)
  • deprecated TableHelper in favor of Table
  • deprecated ProgressHelper in favor of ProgressBar
  • added ConsoleLogger
  • added a question helper
  • added a way to set the process name of a command
  • added a way to set a default command instead of ListCommand


  • added a way to force terminal dimensions
  • added a convenient method to detect verbosity level
  • [BC BREAK] made descriptors use output instead of returning a string


  • added multiselect support to the select dialog helper
  • added Table Helper for tabular data rendering
  • added support for events in Application
  • added a way to normalize EOLs in ApplicationTester::getDisplay() and CommandTester::getDisplay()
  • added a way to set the progress bar progress via the setCurrent method
  • added support for multiple InputOption shortcuts, written as '-a|-b|-c'
  • added two additional verbosity levels, VERBOSITY_VERY_VERBOSE and VERBOSITY_DEBUG


  • added support for colorization on Windows via ConEmu
  • add a method to Dialog Helper to ask for a question and hide the response
  • added support for interactive selections in console (DialogHelper::select())
  • added support for autocompletion as you type in Dialog Helper


  • added ConsoleOutputInterface
  • added the possibility to disable a command (Command::isEnabled())
  • added suggestions when a command does not exist
  • added a --raw option to the list command
  • added support for STDERR in the console output class (errors are now sent to STDERR)
  • made the defaults (helper set, commands, input definition) in Application more easily customizable
  • added support for the shell even if readline is not available
  • added support for process isolation in Symfony shell via --process-isolation switch
  • added support for --, which disables options parsing after that point (tokens will be parsed as arguments)