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  • added support for colorization on Windows via ConEmu
  • add a method to Dialog Helper to ask for a question and hide the response
  • added support for interactive selections in console (DialogHelper::select())
  • added support for autocompletion as you type in Dialog Helper


  • added ConsoleOutputInterface
  • added the possibility to disable a command (Command::isEnabled())
  • added suggestions when a command does not exist
  • added a --raw option to the list command
  • added support for STDERR in the console output class (errors are now sent to STDERR)
  • made the defaults (helper set, commands, input definition) in Application more easily customizable
  • added support for the shell even if readline is not available
  • added support for process isolation in Symfony shell via --process-isolation switch
  • added support for --, which disables options parsing after that point (tokens will be parsed as arguments)
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