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Merge branch '4.3' into 4.4

* 4.3:
  Fix tests
  [Console] Fix commands description with numeric namespaces
  [HttpFoundation] Fixed typo
  [EventDispatcher] Better error reporting when arguments to dispatch() are swapped
  [Serializer] CsvEncoder::NO_HEADERS_KEY ignored when used in constructor
  [Form] Keep preferred_choices order for choice groups
  [Debug] work around failing chdir() on Darwin
  [PhpUnitBridge] Read configuration CLI directive
  [DI] Missing test on YamlFileLoader
  Revert "minor #34608 [Process] add tests for php executable finder if file does not exist (ahmedash95)"
  Simpler example for Apache basic auth workaround
  [Console] Fix trying to access array offset on value of type int
  [Config] Remove extra sprintf arg
  [VarDumper] notice on potential undefined index
  [HttpClient] turn exception into log when the request has no content-type
  [Process] add tests for php executable finder if file does not exist
  [Cache] Make sure we get the correct number of values from redis::mget()
  [TwigBridge] Add row_attr to all form themes
  [Serializer] Fix MetadataAwareNameConverter usage with string group
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nicolas-grekas committed Nov 28, 2019
2 parents b24b791 + 7793eea commit b8600a1d7d20b0e80906398bb1f50612fa074a8e
Showing with 5 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +5 −1 DebugClassLoader.php
@@ -459,7 +459,11 @@ private function darwinRealpath(string $real): string
$real = self::$darwinCache[$kDir][0];
} else {
$dir = getcwd();
if (!@chdir($real)) {
return $real.$file;
$real = getcwd().'/';

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