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  • added support for variadics in named arguments
  • added PSR-11 ContainerBagInterface and its ContainerBag implementation to access parameters as-a-service


  • Relying on service auto-registration while autowiring is not supported anymore. Explicitly inject your dependencies or create services whose ids are their fully-qualified class name.


    namespace App\Controller;
    use App\Mailer;
    class DefaultController
        public function __construct(Mailer $mailer) {
            // ...
        // ...
            autowire: true


    // same PHP code
            autowire: true
        # or
        # App\Controller\DefaultController:
        #     arguments: { $mailer: "@App\Mailer" }
            autowire: true
  • removed autowiring services based on the types they implement

  • added a third $methodName argument to the getProxyFactoryCode() method of the DumperInterface

  • removed support for autowiring types

  • removed Container::isFrozen

  • removed support for dumping an ucompiled container in PhpDumper

  • removed support for generating a dumped Container without populating the method map

  • removed support for case insensitive service identifiers

  • removed the DefinitionDecorator class, replaced by ChildDefinition

  • removed the AutowireServiceResource class and related AutowirePass::createResourceForClass() method

  • removed LoggingFormatter, Compiler::getLoggingFormatter() and addLogMessage() class and methods, use the ContainerBuilder::log() method instead

  • removed FactoryReturnTypePass

  • removed ContainerBuilder::addClassResource(), use the addObjectResource() or the getReflectionClass() method instead.

  • removed support for top-level anonymous services

  • removed silent behavior for unused attributes and elements

  • removed support for setting and accessing private services in Container

  • removed support for setting pre-defined services in Container

  • removed support for case insensitivity of parameter names

  • removed AutowireExceptionPass and AutowirePass::getAutowiringExceptions(), use Definition::addError() and the DefinitionErrorExceptionPass instead


  • moved the ExtensionCompilerPass to before-optimization passes with priority -1000
  • deprecated "public-by-default" definitions and aliases, the new default will be "private" in 4.0
  • added EnvVarProcessorInterface and corresponding "container.env_var_processor" tag for processing env vars
  • added support for ignore-on-uninitialized references
  • deprecated service auto-registration while autowiring
  • deprecated the ability to check for the initialization of a private service with the Container::initialized() method
  • deprecated support for top-level anonymous services in XML
  • deprecated case insensitivity of parameter names
  • deprecated the ResolveDefinitionTemplatesPass class in favor of ResolveChildDefinitionsPass
  • added TaggedIteratorArgument with YAML (!tagged foo) and XML (<service type="tagged"/>) support
  • deprecated AutowireExceptionPass and AutowirePass::getAutowiringExceptions(), use Definition::addError() and the DefinitionErrorExceptionPass instead


  • deprecated autowiring services based on the types they implement; rename (or alias) your services to their FQCN id to make them autowirable
  • added "ServiceSubscriberInterface" - to allow for per-class explicit service-locator definitions
  • added "container.service_locator" tag for defining service-locator services
  • added anonymous services support in YAML configuration files using the !service tag.
  • added "TypedReference" and "ServiceClosureArgument" for creating service-locator services
  • added ServiceLocator - a PSR-11 container holding a set of services to be lazily loaded
  • added "instanceof" section for local interface-defined configs
  • added prototype services for PSR4-based discovery and registration
  • added ContainerBuilder::getReflectionClass() for retrieving and tracking reflection class info
  • deprecated ContainerBuilder::getClassResource(), use ContainerBuilder::getReflectionClass() or ContainerBuilder::addObjectResource() instead
  • added ContainerBuilder::fileExists() for checking and tracking file or directory existence
  • deprecated autowiring-types, use aliases instead
  • added support for omitting the factory class name in a service definition if the definition class is set
  • deprecated case insensitivity of service identifiers
  • added "iterator" argument type for lazy iteration over a set of values and services
  • added file-wide configurable defaults for service attributes "public", "tags", "autowire" and "autoconfigure"
  • made the "class" attribute optional, using the "id" as fallback
  • using the PhpDumper with an uncompiled ContainerBuilder is deprecated and will not be supported anymore in 4.0
  • deprecated the DefinitionDecorator class in favor of ChildDefinition
  • allow config files to be loaded using a glob pattern
  • [BC BREAK] the NullDumper class is now final


  • allowed to prioritize compiler passes by introducing a third argument to PassConfig::addPass(), to Compiler::addPass and to ContainerBuilder::addCompilerPass()
  • added support for PHP constants in YAML configuration files
  • deprecated the ability to set or unset a private service with the Container::set() method
  • deprecated the ability to check for the existence of a private service with the Container::has() method
  • deprecated the ability to request a private service with the Container::get() method
  • deprecated support for generating a dumped Container without populating the method map


  • removed all deprecated codes from 2.x versions


  • deprecated the abstract ContainerAware class in favor of ContainerAwareTrait
  • deprecated IntrospectableContainerInterface, to be merged with ContainerInterface in 3.0
  • allowed specifying a directory to recursively load all configuration files it contains
  • deprecated the concept of scopes
  • added Definition::setShared() and Definition::isShared()
  • added ResettableContainerInterface to be able to reset the container to release memory on shutdown
  • added a way to define the priority of service decoration
  • added support for service autowiring


  • deprecated synchronized services


  • added new factory syntax and deprecated the old one


  • added DecoratorServicePass and a way to override a service definition (Definition::setDecoratedService())
  • deprecated SimpleXMLElement class.


  • added support for expressions in service definitions
  • added ContainerAwareTrait to add default container aware behavior to a class


  • added Extension::isConfigEnabled() to ease working with enableable configurations
  • added an Extension base class with sensible defaults to be used in conjunction with the Config component.
  • added PrependExtensionInterface (to be able to allow extensions to prepend application configuration settings for any Bundle)


  • added IntrospectableContainerInterface (to be able to check if a service has been initialized or not)
  • added ConfigurationExtensionInterface
  • added Definition::clearTag()
  • component exceptions that inherit base SPL classes are now used exclusively (this includes dumped containers)
  • [BC BREAK] fixed unescaping of class arguments, method ParameterBag::unescapeValue() was made public