Latest commit d4ec854 Jun 24, 2017 @xabbuh xabbuh Merge branch '3.4'
* 3.4: (83 commits)
  add missing version attribute
  Show exception is checked twice in ExceptionController of twig
  allow SSI fragments configuration in XML files
  Display a better error message when the toolbar cannot be displayed
  [SecurityBundle] Add user impersonation info and exit action to the profiler
  render hidden _method field in form_rest()
  Add Doctrine Cache to dev dependencies to fix failing unit tests.
  return fallback locales whenever possible
  Fix Predis client cluster with pipeline
  [Dotenv] Test load() with multiple paths
  [Console] Fix catching exception type in QuestionHelper
  Improved the exception page when there is no message
  [WebProfilerBundle] Eliminate line wrap on count columnt (routing)
  [Profiler][Validator] Add a validator panel in profiler
  [Validator] replace hardcoded service id
  [Routing] Fix XmlFileLoader exception message
  Remove duplicate changelog entries
  [DI] Dedup tags when using instanceof/autoconfigure
  [Translation] Fix FileLoader::loadResource() php doc
  [Serializer] Fix workaround min php version
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Argument [Di] Remove closure-proxy arguments Jun 1, 2017
Compiler Merge branch '3.4' Jun 24, 2017
Config Remove PHP < 7.1.3 code May 22, 2017
Dumper Merge branch '3.4' Jun 24, 2017
Exception Merge branch '3.2' into 3.3 Jun 6, 2017
Extension [DI] Don't instantiate unexisting reflection class Feb 16, 2017
LazyProxy Merge branch '3.4' Jun 2, 2017
Loader Merge branch '3.4' Jun 2, 2017
ParameterBag [DI] Allow null as default env value Nov 23, 2016
Tests Merge branch '3.4' Jun 24, 2017
.gitignore Added missing files .gitignore Jul 21, 2013
Alias.php [DI] Enhance DX by throwing instead of triggering a deprecation notice Mar 28, 2017 Merge branch '3.4' Jun 2, 2017
ChildDefinition.php [DependencyInjection] Fix named args support in ChildDefinition Jun 5, 2017
Container.php Merge branch '3.4' May 24, 2017
ContainerAwareInterface.php [DI] Clean a phpdoc Nov 4, 2015
ContainerAwareTrait.php Merge branch '2.3' into 2.7 Nov 4, 2015
ContainerBuilder.php [DI] Uncomment code Jun 21, 2017
ContainerInterface.php Implement PSR-11 Feb 2, 2017
Definition.php [DependencyInjection] remove deprecated autowiring_types feature May 22, 2017
DefinitionDecorator.php [DI] Fix Cannot declare class ...\DefinitionDecorator, because the na… May 7, 2017
ExpressionLanguage.php Fixed minor typo - override Jan 3, 2015
ExpressionLanguageProvider.php [DependencyInjection] added support for custom expression language fu… Sep 25, 2014
LICENSE updated LICENSE year Jan 2, 2017
Parameter.php [DependencyInjection] fix phpDoc Apr 11, 2016 Updated all the README files Mar 4, 2016
Reference.php [DI] Enhance DX by throwing instead of triggering a deprecation notice Mar 28, 2017
ResettableContainerInterface.php Implement resettable containers Jul 22, 2015
ServiceLocator.php [DI] Remove useless state from ServiceLocator Mar 16, 2017
ServiceSubscriberInterface.php [DI] Add and wire ServiceSubscriberInterface Mar 22, 2017
TaggedContainerInterface.php remove api tags from code Sep 28, 2015
TypedReference.php [DI] Restrict autowired registration to "same-vendor" namespaces Apr 6, 2017
Variable.php [DependencyInjection] fix phpDoc Apr 11, 2016
composer.json Tweak travis and appveyor for Symfony 4 May 18, 2017
phpunit.xml.dist fail when detecting risky tests Apr 12, 2017