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Provides integration for Doctrine with various Symfony components.
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nicolas-grekas Merge branch '4.3'
* 4.3: (23 commits)
  minor: add some test in the ldap component
  [Workflow] Update MethodMarkingStore
  [Bridge\ProxyManager] isProxyCandidate() does not take into account interfaces
  adding experimental note
  [HttpClient] add missing argument check
  [Messenger] Fix undefined index on read timeout
  [Workflow] use method marking store
  [Routing][AnnotationClassLoader] fix utf-8 encoding in default route name
  fixed a phpdoc
  [Debug] Wrap call to require_once in a try/catch
  [EventDispatcher] Removed "callable" type hint from WrappedListener constructor
  prevent deprecation when filesize matches error code
  [PropertyInfo] Add missing documentation link in Readme
  Use the current working dir as default first arg in 'link' binary
  Respect parent class contract in ContainerAwareDoctrineEventManager
  [WebProfilerBundle][Form] The form data collector return serialized object when profiler bundle attends object
  [Validator] Add the missing translations for the Danish ("da") locale
  [PropertyAccess] Add missing property to PropertyAccessor
  [Cache] fix saving unrelated keys in recursive callback calls
  [Serializer] Fix denormalization of object with variadic constructor typed argument
Latest commit 0fe3522 May 20, 2019

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