[READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the Symfony Doctrine Bridge
Latest commit 48d630a Aug 26, 2016 @nicolas-grekas nicolas-grekas Merge branch '3.1'
* 3.1:
  fix typo
  add "provides" for psr/cache-implementation
  [Validator][GroupSequence] fixed GroupSequence validation ignores PropertyMetadata of parent classes
  [FrameworkBundle][Security] Remove useless mocks
  Add symfony/inflector to composer.json "replaces"
  [DoctrineBridge] Enhance exception message in EntityUserProvider
  added friendly exception when constraint validator does not exist or it is not enabled
  remove duplicate instruction
  [FrameworkBundle] Remove TranslatorBagInterface check
  [FrameworkBundle] Remove duplicated code in RouterDebugCommand
  [Validator] fixed duplicate constraints with parent class interfaces
  SecurityBundle:BasicAuthenticationListener: removed a default argument on getting a header value
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CacheWarmer Fix docblock in Doctrine Bridge Nov 16, 2012
DataCollector [DoctrineBridge] Fix issue which prevent the profiler to explain a query Oct 28, 2015
DataFixtures [DoctrineBridge] Rename data fixtures loader class Feb 11, 2012
DependencyInjection Merge branch '3.0' into 3.1 Jul 26, 2016
ExpressionLanguage unified return null usages Apr 18, 2014
Form Merge branch '3.0' into 3.1 Jul 5, 2016
HttpFoundation fixed CS Jul 18, 2016
Logger Replace iconv_*() uses by mb_*(), add mbstring polyfill when required Apr 14, 2016
PropertyInfo [PropertyInfo] Extract nullable and collection key type for Doctrine … Mar 30, 2016
Security Merge branch '2.8' into 3.1 Aug 26, 2016
Test [tests] Use @requires annotation when possible Oct 10, 2015
Tests Merge branch '3.1' Aug 26, 2016
Validator Merge branch '3.0' into 3.1 Jul 10, 2016
.gitignore Added missing files .gitignore Jul 21, 2013
CHANGELOG.md [Form] [DoctrineBridge] updated changelogs after #18359 Apr 29, 2016
ContainerAwareEventManager.php removed dots at the end of @param and @return Jun 28, 2016
LICENSE Update copyright year Jan 2, 2016
ManagerRegistry.php [Bridge/Doctrine] Reset the EM lazy-proxy instead of the EM service Jul 1, 2016
README.md Updated all the README files Mar 4, 2016
RegistryInterface.php Fix phpdoc and coding standards Dec 29, 2014
composer.json [Bridge/Doctrine] Reset the EM lazy-proxy instead of the EM service Jul 1, 2016
phpunit.xml.dist Add missing exclusions from phpunit.xml.dist Nov 18, 2015