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Doctrine Bridge

Provides integration for Doctrine with various Symfony2 components.


You can run the unit tests with the following command:

phpunit -c src/Symfony/Bridge/Doctrine/

If you also want to run the unit tests that depend on other Symfony Components, declare the following environment variables before running PHPUnit:

export DOCTRINE_COMMON=../path/to/doctrine-common
export DOCTRINE_DBAL=../path/to/doctrine-dbal
export DOCTRINE_ORM=../path/to/doctrine
export DOCTRINE_FIXTURES=../path/to/doctrine-fixtures
export SYMFONY_HTTP_FOUNDATION=../path/to/HttpFoundation
export SYMFONY_DEPENDENCY_INJECTION=../path/to/DependencyInjection
export SYMFONY_FORM=../path/to/Form
export SYMFONY_SECURITY=../path/to/Security
export SYMFONY_VALIDATOR=../path/to/Validator
export SYMFONY_HTTP_KERNEL=../path/to/HttpKernel
export SYMFONY_EVENT_DISPATCHER=../path/to/EventDispatcher
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