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* 2.3:
  moved some fixed dep versions from 2.2.* to ~2.2 (refs #8613)
  [HttpKernel] added a missing dep for dev
  [Form] fixed wrong call to setTimeZone() (closes #8644)
  Fix issue with \DateTimeZone::UTC / 'UTC' for PHP 5.4
  [Form] Fixed patched forms to be valid even if children are not submitted
  Revert "[Form] Fix of "PATCH'ed forms are never valid""
  [Form] Fixed: If a form is not present in a request, it is not automatically submitted
  Fixes link indices
  [Form] Removed the "disabled" attribute from the placeholder option in select fields due to problems with the BlackBerry 10 browser
  Revert "[Form] Remove "value" attribute on empty_value option"
  [routing] added ability for apache matcher to handle array values
  removed dead code and fixed CS
  [Validator] fixed StaticMethodLoader trying to invoke methods of abstract classes (closes #8589)
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fabpot committed Aug 2, 2013
2 parents 39cc37f + 38d706e commit c7c3751880f2269bb48974578d37f8125016bc09
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  1. +0 −5 Session/Storage/MockFileSessionStorage.php
@@ -29,11 +29,6 @@ class MockFileSessionStorage extends MockArraySessionStorage
private $savePath;
- /**
- * @var array
- */
- private $sessionData;
* Constructor.

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