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  • [make:functional-test] Use Panther when available - #417 thanks to @adrienlucas

  • Allow rehashing passwords when possible and needed - #389 thanks to @nicolas-grekas


  • Use [make:*-test] Use the new WebTestAssertionsTrait methods in the generated functional tests - #381 thanks to @adrienlucas

  • Add a agree terms checkbox to make:registration-form - #394 thanks to @ismail1432

  • Template generation respects twig.default_path - #346 thanks to @LeJeanbono

  • [Serializer] Normalizer now implements CacheableSupportsMethodInterface with condition - #399 thanks to @jojotjebaby

  • Deprecate Argon2i encoder used in make:user and use auto instead - #398 thanks to @nicolas-grekas

  • [make:auth] Added logout support and help for logged in user - in #406 thanks to @St0iK

  • Use new event class names instead of strings in make:event-subscriber - in #403 thanks to @jojotjebaby


  • Add make:registration-form command - #333 thanks to @weaverryan


  • Add make:serializer:normalizer command - #298 thanks to @lyrixx

  • Add a --no-template option to make:controller to skip generating a template - #280 thanks to @welcoMattic

  • Add support for rendering additional date types in make:crud

    • #241 thanks to @sadikoff
  • Better errors when trying to use reserved words for classes

    • #306 thanks to @SerkanYildiz


  • Allow make:form to work with non-entities - #301 thanks to @ckrack


  • make:auth can now generate an entire form login system with authenticator, login form and controller! #266 thanks to @nikophil

  • make:auth now registers your guard authenticator in your security.yaml file automatically - #261 thanks to @nikophil

  • Generate more explicit voter attribute names - #283 thanks to @lyrixx

  • Fixing incorrect dependency for make:crud - #256 thanks to @ckrack

  • Fix self-referencing relation issue - #278 thanks to @codedmonkey

  • Fix edge-case bad template name in make:crud - #286 thanks to @thlbaut


  • Added make:user command that generates a User class, generates a user provider (when needed) and configures your the providers and encoders section in your security.yaml file - #250 thanks to @weaverryan

  • Properly extend AbstractController and use core @Route annotation in make:crud - #246 thanks to @royklutman

  • Fixed a bug when a class name contained the namespace App\ - #243 thanks to @gmanen

  • Fix bug with make:entity when generating inside a sub-directory - #245 thanks to @nikophil


  • Fixing bad empty line when source file uses tabs - #238 thanks to @weaverryan

  • Str case mismatch - #190 thanks to @localheinz

  • Preserve existing class metadata - #197 thanks to @ro0NL

  • Fixing a bug where having relativizePath failed - #214 thanks to @weaverryan

  • Do not prefix Command Class Name by 'App' if the prefix is app: - #205 thanks to @lyrixx

  • make:entity: Add return type to getId() - #215 thanks to @gharlan

  • Don't make Twig filters safe for HTML by default - #222, #202 thanks to @lyrixx

  • Remove support for the deprecated json_array Doctrine type - #224 thanks to @javiereguiluz

  • Extend from AbstractController when using Symfony 4.1 or higher - #221 thanks to @javiereguiluz

  • Don't use :contains in the functional test tpl - #226 thanks to @dunglas


  • Before 1.5, the App\ namespace prefix was always assumed so that when you type a short class name, it is converted into a full class name with this prefix. Now, this is configurable #173 thanks to @upyx

  • Added an option to to make:enity to make your class automatically an ApiPlatform resource. Pass --api-resource #178 thanks to @dunglas

  • Fixed make:entity when your class uses traits or a mapped super class #181 thanks to @andrewtch

  • Improved messages when you need to pass a fully-qualified class name #188 & #171 - thanks to @sadikoff and @LeJeanbono

  • Fixed a bug where make:crud would not render the correct form names when your property included an underscore.


  • Removed our tests from the archive to avoid polluting the user's auto-completion of classes #147

  • Fixed some minor bugs! #150 #145


  • Drastically improved make:entity command, which now supports adding fields, relationships, updating existing entities, and generating (with the --regenerate flag) missing properties/getters/setters (effectively replaces doctrine:generate:entities)
    • thanks to @weaverryan in #104


  • New maker command! make:crud - thanks to @sadikoff in #113.

  • Greatly improved make:form command that auto-adds fields if your form is bound to an entity class - thanks to @sadikoff in #113.


  • [BC BREAK] The MakerInterface changed: getParameters(), getFiles() and writeNextStepsMessage() were removed and generate() was added in their place. We recommend extending AbstractMaker instead of implementing the interface directly, and use $this->writeSuccessMessage() to get the normal "success" message after the command #120 via @weaverryan

  • Added new make:migration command, which wraps the normal doctrine:migrations:diff command #97 via @weaverryan

  • Added new make:fixtures command to generate an empty fixtures class #105 via @javiereguiluz

  • Added PHPDoc to generated entity repositories so that your IDE knows what type of objects are returned #116 @enleur

  • Allowed generation of all classes into sub-namespaces #120 via @weaverryan

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