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Branch: master
Commits on Mar 14, 2019
  1. [Messenger] deprecate LoggingMiddleware in favor of providing a logge…

    nicolas-grekas committed Mar 12, 2019
    …r to SendMessageMiddleware
Commits on Mar 13, 2019
  1. feature #29303 [Messenger] add welcome notice when running the comman…

    nicolas-grekas committed Mar 13, 2019
    …d (nicolas-grekas)
    This PR was merged into the 4.3-dev branch.
    [Messenger] add welcome notice when running the command
    | Q             | A
    | ------------- | ---
    | Branch?       | master
    | Bug fix?      | no
    | New feature?  | yes
    | BC breaks?    | no
    | Deprecations? | no
    | Tests pass?   | yes
    | Fixed tickets | -
    | License       | MIT
    | Doc PR        | -
    The current behavior of `./bin/console messenger:consume-messages` is totally silent: you run it and nothing visible happens.
    Here is what is displayed with this PR:
    Combined with #30539, it gives:
    673b58b964 [Messenger] add welcome notice when running the command
Commits on Mar 12, 2019
  1. Merge branch '4.2'

    nicolas-grekas committed Mar 12, 2019
    * 4.2:
      Fix README about BC promise
      Fixed typo
Commits on Mar 10, 2019
  1. Merge branch '4.2'

    nicolas-grekas committed Mar 10, 2019
    * 4.2: (27 commits)
      cs fix
      cs fix
      [PHPUnit-Bridge] override some environment variables
      [TwigBridge] Remove use spaceless tag
      Upgrade zookeeper ext
      [translation] Update defaut format from yml to yaml
      Change default log level for output streams
      update docblock to match the actual behavior
      Don't resolve the Deprecation error handler mode until a deprecation is triggered
      compatibility with phpunit8
      Make 'headers' key optional for encoded messages
      [Debug][DebugClassLoader] Detect annotations before blank docblock lines on final and internal methods
      Fix undefined variable fromConstructor when passing context to getTypes
      Added translations for chineese language.
      Allow 3rd argument to be null
      Remove whitespace (tab on blank line)
      [Monolog] Really reset logger when calling logger::reset()
      [Form] Fixes debug:form appears many times as type extensions configured with new getExtendedTypes method
      Update src/Symfony/Component/PropertyInfo/Tests/Extractor/ReflectionExtractorTest.php
      Update src/Symfony/Component/PropertyInfo/Tests/Extractor/ReflectionExtractorTest.php
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