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* 2.1: (24 commits)
  forced Travis to use source to workaround their not-up-to-date Composer on PHP 5.3.3
  [Routing] removed irrelevant string cast in Route
  Fixed typo
  Make YamlFileLoader and XmlFileLoader file loading extensible
  [HttpKernel] fix typo
  Fixed singularization of "prices"
  [Form] Removed an exception that prevented valid formats from being passed, e.g. "h" for the hour, "L" for the month etc.
  [HttpKernel] fixed Client when using StreamedResponses (closes #5370)
  fixed PDO session handler for Oracle (closes #5829)
  [HttpFoundation] fixed PDO session handler for Oracle (closes #5829)
  [Locale] removed a check that is done too early (and it is done twice anyways)
  Update src/Symfony/Component/Validator/Resources/translations/validators.fa.xlf
  Adding new localized strings for farsi validation.
  [HttpFoundation] moved the HTTP protocol check from StreamedResponse to Response (closes #5937)
  [Form] Fixed forms not to be marked invalid if their children are already marked invalid
  [Form] Excluded some tests in NumberToLocalizedStringTransformerTest which fail on ICU 4.4, but work on ICU 4.8
  added missing tests from previous merge
  [Form] Fixed NumberToLocalizedStringTransformer to accept both comma and dot as decimal separator, if possible
  Fix export-ignore on Windows
  Show correct class name InputArgument in error message

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fabpot committed Nov 13, 2012
2 parents 72f3962 + a7af32d commit 72103f95caaa104ac5f7ac3ee62f4f80cf398417
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-Tests/ export-ignore
+/Tests export-ignore
phpunit.xml.dist export-ignore

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