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Commits on Feb 7, 2019
  1. Merge branch '4.2'

    nicolas-grekas committed Feb 7, 2019
    * 4.2:
      fix merge
      [FrameworkBundle] fix xsd
      [FrameworkBundle] update xsd to match the 4.2 configuration
      [FrameworkBundle] Update the xsd to match the actual session configuration
      [Form] CsrfValidationListener marks the token as invalid if it is not a string
      [Routing] fix perf issue when dumping large number of routes
      Fix wrong value in file id attribute for Xliff 2.0
      [VarDumper] Fixed phpDoc
      [PhpUnitBridge] fix PHP  5.3 compat
      [Messenger] Fix DataCollector template
      [Filesystem] Fixed some docblocks and typos
      bumped Symfony version to 4.2.4
      updated VERSION for 4.2.3
      updated CHANGELOG for 4.2.3
      bumped Symfony version to 3.4.23
      updated VERSION for 3.4.22
      update CONTRIBUTORS for 3.4.22
      updated CHANGELOG for 3.4.22
      fix some minor typos
      do not overwrite the constraint being evaluated