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replaced command names with supported placeholders in help texts

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1 parent ff0b30e commit 1c3286e00a5664e5a2adfb580074450428fc94ee @Tobion Tobion committed Feb 12, 2012
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  1. +6 −5 Command/InitAclCommand.php
11 Command/InitAclCommand.php
@@ -32,18 +32,19 @@ protected function configure()
->setDescription('Mounts ACL tables in the database')
- ->setHelp(<<<EOT
-The <info>init:acl</info> command mounts ACL tables in the database.
+ ->setHelp(<<<EOF
+The <info></info> command mounts ACL tables in the database.
-<info>php app/console init:acl</info>
+<info>php %command.full_name%</info>
The name of the DBAL connection must be configured in your <info>app/config/security.yml</info> configuration file in the <info>security.acl.connection</info> variable.
connection: default</info>
- );
+ )
+ ;

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