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Commits on Nov 6, 2019
  1. Merge branch '4.4'

    nicolas-grekas committed Nov 6, 2019
    * 4.4:
      Skip validation of services that make the CI fail
Commits on Nov 5, 2019
  1. Merge branch '4.4'

    nicolas-grekas committed Nov 5, 2019
    * 4.4:
      [Messenger] use events consistently in worker
      Deprecate things that prevent \Throwable from bubbling down
  2. Merge branch '4.4'

    nicolas-grekas committed Nov 5, 2019
    * 4.4: (39 commits)
      [Console] Fix #33915, Detect dimensions using mode CON if vt100 is supported
      [PhpUnitBridge] Also search for composer.phar in git root folder
      [HttpKernel][DataCollectorInterface] Ease compatibility
      Add tests to ensure defaultLocale is properly passed to the URL generator
      [DependencyInjection] Fix broken references in tests
      [VarDumper] display the method we're in when dumping stack traces
      [HttpClient] Retry safe requests when then fail before the body arrives
      [Console] Rename some methods related to redraw frequency
      Avoid using of kernel after shutdown
      Simplify PHP CS Fixer configuration
      [PropertyInfo] Fixed type extraction for nullable collections of non-nullable elements
      [FrameworkBundle] [HttpKernel] fixed correct EOL and EOM month
      Fix CS
      [Serializer] Fix property name usage for denormalization
      Name test accordingly to the tested class
      Fix MockFileSessionStorageTest::sessionDir being used after it's unset
      [Security] Fix SwitchUserToken wrongly deauthenticated
      Supporting Bootstrap 4 custom switches
      Add new Form WeekType
      bumped Symfony version to 4.3.7
Commits on Nov 4, 2019
  1. feature #32256 [DI] Add compiler pass and command to check that servi…

    nicolas-grekas committed Nov 4, 2019
    …ces wiring matches type declarations (alcalyn, GuilhemN, nicolas-grekas)
    This PR was merged into the 4.4 branch.
    [DI] Add compiler pass and command to check that services wiring matches type declarations
    | Q             | A
    | ------------- | ---
    | Branch?       | 4.4
    | Bug fix?      | no
    | New feature?  | yes
    | BC breaks?    | no
    | Deprecations? | no
    | Tests pass?   | yes
    | Fixed tickets | #27744
    | License       | MIT
    | Doc PR        |
    PR replacing symfony/symfony#27825.
    It adds a `lint:container` command asserting the type hints used in your code are correct.
    8230a1543e Make it really work on real apps
    4b3e9d4c96 Fix comments, improve the feature
    a6292b917b [DI] Add compiler pass to check arguments type hint
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