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[WCM] Documented deprecation of the apache router.

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| Doc fix?      | no
| New docs?     | no
| Applies to    | 2.5+
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fdf4891 Documented deprecation of the apache router.
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weaverryan committed Jan 21, 2014
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@@ -7,6 +7,12 @@ How to use the Apache Router
Symfony2, while fast out of the box, also provides various ways to increase that speed with a little bit of tweaking.
One of these ways is by letting Apache handle routes directly, rather than using Symfony2 for this task.
.. note::
Apache router was deprecated in Symfony 2.5 and will be removed in Symfony 3.0.
Since the PHP implementation of the Router was improved, performance gains were no longer
significant (while it's very hard to replicate the same behaviour).
Change Router Configuration Parameters

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