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minor #4218 Caution that roles should start with ROLE_ (jrjohnson)

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Caution that roles should start with ROLE_

In order to save someone else a few hours of frustration make it clear that the ROLE_ preface is not just for show.

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749996b Fix reference label
f856641 Add label book-security-roles
9d13930 Add formatting, links, and clarity
1522de7 Caution that roles should start with ROLE_
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weaverryan committed Sep 16, 2014
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@@ -1652,6 +1652,8 @@ the default for the firewall as a whole).
For more information about user provider and firewall configuration, see
the :doc:`/reference/configuration/security`.
.. _book-security-roles:
@@ -651,6 +651,14 @@ about in this section.
If you fail to return any roles, it may appear as if your user isn't
authenticated at all.
.. caution::
In order to work with the security configuration examples on this page
all roles must be prefixed with ``ROLE_`` (see
the :ref:`section about roles <book-security-roles>` in the book). For
example, your roles will be ``ROLE_ADMIN`` or ``ROLE_USER`` instead of
``ADMIN`` or ``USER``.
In this example, the ``AcmeUserBundle:User`` entity class defines a
many-to-many relationship with a ``AcmeUserBundle:Role`` entity class.
A user can be related to several roles and a role can be composed of

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