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minor #4326 [Components][Form] Grammar improvement (fabschurt)

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[Components][Form] Grammar improvement

| Q             | A
| ------------- | ---
| Doc fix?      | yes
| New docs?     | no
| Applies to    | 2.3+
| Fixed tickets | n/a

I think the "each the" form is not correct in English, as "each" must
generally be used as in "each one of", or "each of", forms that should
not be used here either as the countable aspect is already expressed
by "each field" further in the phrase anyway.


cefddae Apply a grammatical improvement
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wouterj committed Nov 8, 2014
2 parents 2c190ed + cefddae commit 4be678650bfcd4fe6ce208261485081fd9854bb1
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@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ line to your ``composer.json`` file:
The TwigBridge integration provides you with several :doc:`Twig Functions </reference/forms/twig_reference>`
that help you render each the HTML widget, label and error for each field
that help you render the HTML widget, label and error for each field
(as well as a few other things). To configure the integration, you'll need
to bootstrap or access Twig and add the :class:`Symfony\\Bridge\\Twig\\Extension\\FormExtension`::

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