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feature #4125 Added link to JSFiddle example (WouterJ)

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Added link to JSFiddle example

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| Fixed tickets | #3853


fe53a3f Added link to JSFiddle example
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weaverryan committed Aug 16, 2014
2 parents 75bda4b + fe53a3f commit 4d5adaa4ccef36fbec631ad05ce7389cbd575ebd
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  1. +5 −0 cookbook/form/form_collections.rst
@@ -413,6 +413,10 @@ Now, each time a user clicks the ``Add a tag`` link, a new sub form will
appear on the page. When the form is submitted, any new tag forms will be converted
into new ``Tag`` objects and added to the ``tags`` property of the ``Task`` object.
.. seealso::
You can find a working example in this `JSFiddle`_.
To make handling these new tags easier, add an "adder" and a "remover" method
for the tags in the ``Task`` class::
@@ -726,3 +730,4 @@ the relationship between the removed ``Tag`` and ``Task`` object.
each Tag object itself.
.. _`Owning Side and Inverse Side`:
.. _`JSFiddle`:

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