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@@ -731,7 +731,7 @@ headers and content that's sent back to the client::
- For JSON, there is :class:`Symfony\\Component\\HttpFoundation\\JsonResponse`.
See :ref:`component-http-foundation-json-response`.
- For files, there is :class:`Symfony\\Component\\HttpFoundation\\BinaryFileResponse`.
- See :ref:`component-http-foundation-serving-files
+ See :ref:`component-http-foundation-serving-files`.
.. index::
single: Controller; Request object
@@ -439,8 +439,15 @@ Alternatively, if you are serving a static file, you can use a
$response = new BinaryFileResponse($file);
The ``BinaryFileResponse`` will automatically handle ``Range`` and
-``If-Range`` headers from the request. You can also set the ``Content-Type``
-of the sent file, or change its ``Content-Disposition``::
+``If-Range`` headers from the request. It also supports ``X-Sendfile``
+(see for `Nginx`_ and `Apache`_). To make use of it, you need to determine
+whether or not the ``X-Sendfile-Type`` header should be trusted and call
+if it should::
+ $response::trustXSendfileTypeHeader();
+You can still set the ``Content-Type`` of the sent file, or change its ``Content-Disposition``::
$response->headers->set('Content-Type', 'text/plain')
$response->setContentDisposition(ResponseHeaderBag::DISPOSITION_ATTACHMENT, 'filename.txt');
@@ -496,3 +503,5 @@ Session
The session information is in its own document: :doc:`/components/http_foundation/sessions`.
.. _Packagist:
+.. _Nginx:
+.. _Apache:

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