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Merge pull request #2422 from pvolok/note_in_streamedresponse

Add note about buffering in StreamedResponse.
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commit 678daba029381e75c3b1043c66928570381fbfed 2 parents d9becd2 + 4ec843f
@weaverryan weaverryan authored
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12 components/http_foundation/introduction.rst
@@ -387,6 +387,18 @@ represented by a PHP callable instead of a string::
+.. note::
+ The ``flush()`` function does not flush bufferring. So if
+ ``ob_start()`` has been called before or php.ini option
+ ``output_buffering`` is not disabled (which is on some
+ installations by default), you have to call ``ob_flush()`` before
+ ``flush()``.
+ But not only php can buffer output. Your web-server can also do
+ it. Even more, if you use fastcgi, buffering can't be disabled at
+ all.
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