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[#2408] Minor tweaks for OutputInterface verbosity level discussion

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@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ You can also set these colors and options inside the tagname::
// bold text on a yellow background
-Verbosity levels
+Verbosity Levels
The console has 3 levels of verbosity. These are defined in the
@@ -178,14 +178,21 @@ You can specify the quiet verbosity level with the ``--quiet`` or ``-q``
option. The ``--verbose`` or ``-v`` option is used when you want an increased
level of verbosity.
-It is possible to print messages in a command only for the according verbosity
+.. tip::
+ The full exception stacktrace is printed if the ``VERBOSITY_VERBOSE``
+ level is used.
+It is possible to print a message in a command for only a specific verbosity
level. For example::
if (OutputInterface::VERBOSITY_VERBOSE === $output->getVerbosity()) {
-Note that when the quiet level is used, all output is suppressed.
+When the quiet level is used, all output is suppressed as the default
+method returns without actually printing.
Using Command Arguments

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