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…rnel.terminate event (xabbuh)

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[Components][HttpKernel] outline implications of the kernel.terminate event

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c4f4588 outline implications of the kernel.terminate event
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weaverryan committed Oct 19, 2014
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@@ -472,6 +472,15 @@ you will trigger the ``kernel.terminate`` event where you can perform certain
actions that you may have delayed in order to return the response as quickly
as possible to the client (e.g. sending emails).
.. caution::
Internally, the HttpKernel makes use of the :phpfunction:`fastcgi_finish_request`
PHP function. This means that at the moment, only the `PHP FPM`_ server
API is able to send a response to the client while the server's PHP process
still performs some tasks. With all other server APIs, listeners to ``kernel.terminate``
are still executed, but the response is not sent to the client until they
are all completed.
.. note::
Using the ``kernel.terminate`` event is optional, and should only be
@@ -689,3 +698,4 @@ look like this::
.. _reflection:
.. _FOSRestBundle:
.. _`Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components`:
.. _`PHP FPM`:

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