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feature #3877 Added a note about configuring several paths under the …

…same namespace (javiereguiluz)

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Added a note about configuring several paths under the same namespace

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| Applies to    | 2.3+
| Fixed tickets | #3661


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29863f1 Added a note about configuring several paths under the same namespace
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weaverryan committed Jun 4, 2014
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@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
.. index::
single: Templating; Namespaced Twig Paths
How to use and Register namespaced Twig Paths
How to Use and Register Namespaced Twig Paths
.. versionadded:: 2.2
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ Both paths are valid and functional by default in Symfony2.
As an added bonus, the namespaced syntax is faster.
Registering your own namespaces
Registering your own Namespaces
You can also register your own custom namespaces. Suppose that you're using
@@ -81,3 +81,55 @@ called ``sidebar.twig`` in that directory, you can use it easily:
.. code-block:: jinja
{% include '@foo_bar/sidebar.twig' %}
Multiple Paths per Namespace
You can also assign several paths to the same template namespace. The order in
which paths are configured is very important, because Twig will always load
the first template that exists, starting from the first configured path. This
feature can be used as a fallback mechanism to load generic templates when the
specific template doesn't exist.
.. code-block:: yaml
# app/config/config.yml
# ...
"%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/acme/themes/theme1": theme
"%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/acme/themes/theme2": theme
"%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/acme/themes/common": theme
.. code-block:: xml
<!-- app/config/config.xml -->
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<container xmlns=""
<twig:config debug="%kernel.debug%" strict-variables="%kernel.debug%">
<twig:path namespace="theme">%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/acme/themes/theme1</twig:path>
<twig:path namespace="theme">%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/acme/themes/theme2</twig:path>
<twig:path namespace="theme">%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/acme/themes/common</twig:path>
.. code-block:: php
// app/config/config.php
$container->loadFromExtension('twig', array(
'paths' => array(
'%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/acme/themes/theme1' => 'theme',
'%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/acme/themes/theme2' => 'theme',
'%kernel.root_dir%/../vendor/acme/themes/common' => 'theme',
Now, you can use the same ``@theme`` namespace to refer to any template located
in the previous three directories:
.. code-block:: jinja
{% include '@theme/header.twig' %}

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