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Added documentation about the DebugFormatter helper

| Q   | A
| --- | ---
| Doc fix? | no
| New docs? | yes (symfony/symfony#10627)
| Applies to | 2.6+
| Fixed tickets | #4256

When may want to add screenshots to the article, but to get this ready quick before 2.6 is released stable, I left them out now.


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.. index::
single: Console Helpers; DebugFormatter Helper
Debug Formatter Helper
.. versionadded:: 2.6
The Debug Formatter helper was introduced in Symfony 2.6.
The :class:`Symfony\\Component\\Console\\Helper\\DebugFormatterHelper` provides
functions to output debug information when running an external program, for
instance a process or HTTP request. It is included in the default helper set
and you can get it by calling
$debugFormatter = $this->getHelper('debug_formatter');
The formatter only formats strings, which you can use to output to the console,
but also to log the information or do anything else.
All methods of this helper have an identifier as the first argument. This is a
unique value for each program. This way, the helper can debug information for
multiple programs at the same time. When using the
:doc:`Process component </components/process>`, you probably want to use
.. tip::
This information is often too verbose to be shown by default. You can use
:ref:`verbosity levels <verbosity-levels>` to only show it when in
debugging mode (``-vvv``).
Starting a Program
As soon as you start a program, you can use
:method:`Symfony\\Component\\Console\\Helper\\DebugFormatterHelper::start` to
display information that the program is started::
// ...
$process = new Process(...);
$output->writeln($debugFormatter->start(spl_object_hash($process), 'Some process description'));
This will output:
.. code-block:: text
RUN Some process description
You can tweak the prefix using the third argument::
$output->writeln($debugFormatter->start(spl_object_hash($process), 'Some process description', 'STARTED');
// will output:
// STARTED Some process description
Output Progress Information
Some programs give output while they are running. This information can be shown
use Symfony\Component\Process\Process;
// ...
$process = new Process(...);
$process->run(function ($type, $buffer) use ($output, $debugFormatter, $process) {
$debugFormatter->progress(spl_object_hash($process), $buffer, Process::ERR === $type)
// ...
In case of success, this will output:
.. code-block:: text
OUT The output of the process
And this in case of failure:
.. code-block:: text
ERR The output of the process
The third argument is a boolean which tells the function if the output is error
output or not. When ``true``, the output is considered error output.
The fourth and fifth argument allow you to override the prefix for the normal
output and error output respectively.
Stopping a Program
When a program is stopped, you can use
:method:`Symfony\\Component\\Console\\Helper\\DebugFormatterHelper::run` to
notify this to the users::
// ...
'Some command description',
This will output:
.. code-block:: text
RES Some command description
In case of failure, this will be in red and in case of success it will be green.
Using multiple Programs
As said before, you can also use the helper to display more programs at the
same time. Information about different programs will be shown in different
colors, to make it clear which output belongs to which command.
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ The Console Helpers
.. toctree::
@@ -6,3 +6,4 @@
* :doc:`/components/console/helpers/questionhelper`
* :doc:`/components/console/helpers/table`
* :doc:`/components/console/helpers/tablehelper`
* :doc:`/components/console/helpers/debug_formatter` (new in 2.6)

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