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feature #4879 Documented true regex (WouterJ)

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Documented true regex

| Q   | A
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| Doc fix? | no
| New docs? | yes (symfony/symfony#11129)
| Applies to | 2.7+
| Fixed tickets | -


6e6bae8 Small grammar-ish fix
050f7ce Documented true regex
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weaverryan committed Jan 30, 2015
2 parents 7c07a44 + 6e6bae8 commit a57db5b1d240d5b6df1b5a8b077b280c17233420
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@@ -41,6 +41,24 @@ The second argument to
is the default value to return if the user doesn't enter any input. Any other
input will ask the same question again.
.. tip::
You can customize the regex used to check if the answer means "yes" in the
third argument of the constructor. For instance, to allow anything that
starts with either ``y`` or ``j``, you would set it to::
$question = new ConfirmationQuestion(
'Continue with this action?',
The regex defaults to ``/^y/i``.
.. versionadded:: 2.7
The regex argument was introduced in Symfony 2.7. Before, only answers
starting with ``y`` were considered as "yes".
Asking the User for Information

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