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minor #3628 Added anchor for permissions (WouterJ)

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Added anchor for permissions

| Q   | A
| --- | ---
| Doc fix? | yes
| New docs? | no
| Applies to | all
| Fixed tickets | -

This is quite a common problem on IRC. #symfony IRC now has a nice bot which parses the docs and indexes it, so we can easily link to sections (thanks to the great @mitom). If a sidebar doesn't have an anchor, it's impossible to link to it correctly. Adding a named anchor fixes that.


f42956a Added anchor for permissions
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weaverryan committed Mar 12, 2014
2 parents 6380113 + f42956a commit ae755e0cbb85d80b968ceebb3ff4164a52f9d0f3
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@@ -212,6 +212,8 @@ to check your configuration:
If there are any issues, correct them now before moving on.
.. _book-installation-permissions:
.. sidebar:: Setting up Permissions
One common issue is that the ``app/cache`` and ``app/logs`` directories

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