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minor #3563 Add another tip to setup permissions (tony-co)

This PR was submitted for the 2.4 branch but it was merged into the 2.3 branch instead (closes #3563).


Add another tip to setup permissions

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This is a quick tip on the installation guide to use the same user for CLI and HTTP.


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@@ -269,6 +269,15 @@ If there are any issues, correct them now before moving on.
Note that using the ACL is recommended when you have access to them
on your server because changing the umask is not thread-safe.
**4. Use the same user for the CLI and the web server**
In development environments, it is a common practice to use the same unix
user for the CLI and the web server because it avoids any of these permissions
issues when setting up new projects. This can be done by editing your web server
configuration (e.g. commonly httpd.conf or apache2.conf for Apache) and setting
its user to be the same as your CLI user (e.g. for Apache, update the User
and Group values).
When everything is fine, click on "Go to the Welcome page" to request your
first "real" Symfony2 webpage:

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