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minor #3711 Simplified the Travis configuration (stof)

This PR was submitted for the master branch but it was merged into the 2.3 branch instead (closes #3711).


Simplified the Travis configuration

Submodules are already handled by Travis itself, so no need to do it a second time

This should be applied in all branches where the Travis config is available


b3a5660 Simplified the Travis configuration
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weaverryan committed Mar 24, 2014
2 parents aadc61d + b75d45d commit e15afe0c5421ba0bff8723440bd57a07931661bc
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@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@ python:
- "2.7"
- "git submodule update --init"
- "bash"
- "pip install -q -r requirements.txt --use-mirrors"

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